Random errors in fulfillment options in items in online store

For some unknown reason, I have new items synced over from Square that are showing up with the wrong fulfillment options selected.


I have my default values set to have fulfillment populate to Shipping, Delivery and Pickup. But as I'm editing new items in Square Online dashboard, I see that some items have a one or more of these options unchecked.


I've also had customers tell me they could not select shipping on an item and I went and checked the item and Shipping was not checked.


I can't detect any pattern to this. Just random inaccuracy created by Square. 


Anyone else seeing same weirdness? Any chance an engineer might look to see what is going on?

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Square Community Moderator

Hello @purplebutterfly, this is definitely bizarre! You said these items are syncing over from the Square Dashboard to Square Online. So you are creating them on Square Dashboard first?  Can you walk me through where you set up the default values for fulfillment? Also if we can get some items to reference this happening? Our engineers can certainly take a deeper dive into this, in order to do so you would need to reach out to support at 1-855-700-6000 squ.re/contactsqsupport. I will keep an eye out for your response! 



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Item preferences for fulfillment set in Item Preferences section of Square Online. 


I've fixed all the errors I've spotted, so I'll have to wait until the next time I spot another error to call in.



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I'm on the phone with a support person. Item I just created today came over with only one of three fulfillment options checked. ARRGGG

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Square Community Moderator

Ok great you reached out to support @purplebutterfly, I am hoping they were able to get this resolved. If you are still having issues let me know! 

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No such luck. I created 7 new items on Thursday and none of them synced over with inventory correct. Four synced over with fulfillment options incorrect. I'll wait to call support on a weekday when perhaps the A team is answering the phones and can help.


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I called support and spent an hour on the phone with them. In the end, their best answer was to try deleting the items I had created and creating them again to see if they sync over to Square Online.


Of course, this means printing new tags with new SKUs and putting them on the clothing items.


The hour I wasted on the phone looking for a real solution could have been spent re-creating the items, printing the tags, putting the tags on the items. 


BUT.... I just created one new item and .... you guessed it ..... it didn't sync over.

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WOW. I was just told by your support team that I should wait a minimum of 24 hours for items to sync over to Square Online. Seriously. I'm supposed to operate a business that way?????

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Square Community Moderator

So sorry you have been spending so much time on this@purplebutterfly ! I know you have better things to do. Square sync generally doesn't take long but sometimes to be safe they do advise at least giving it 24 hours. Are you still not seeing the items? 

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I'm on yet another call on hold while "engineers" look into the issue. Still can't get items to sync.


I have a pile of papers with new inventory to get into my system and don't know if I should use Square Dashboard to enter them knowing they may never sync over to Square Online or use the brain-dead Create an Item function in Square Online to create new items slowly and then have to go into Square Dashboard to add taxes (yes, amazingly that doesn't sync correctly) and add Unit Price, Vendor and Category.

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Square Community Moderator

Thanks for providing that extra context @purplebutterfly . I want to apologize that this has been such a prolonged situation, and I want to stick with you here to make sure you get the direct support required to help resolve the issues you're seeing. We will indeed need to have you try to reach out to our Support Team via phone once again. Online Store syncing inquiries require specific 'hands-on' troubleshooting, and a live call will enable us to file a support ticket with our Engineers directly if need be. Once you've reached support successfully, please drop an update here so we can keep up to date. Again, we apologize for the support you've received thus far, and we will do everything within our power to get you back in business.

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I heard back via email and I called and had another person tell me the same thing: The "Customer Success" team is still unsuccessful in fixing this major bug that is making my life hell. 

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I forgot to mention that I did see a few items I created on Square Dashboard sync over to Square Online ... drumroll, please, 3 DAYS later.  And, of course, the inventory didn't sync.

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Another two weeks have passed and nothing has been fixed and no one has been in touch. Hmmmm. 

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Square Community Moderator

Hey there @purplebutterfly I am so sorry I am just seeing these replies for some reason. I do see some advocates have been reaching out to engineers on the ticker we filed for you to let them know the sync issues are still happening. I am so sorry but we do not have an update yet, as soon as I do I will let you know. I cannot thank you enough for hanging in there and continuing to work with us on this! I know this is not easy at all 🙏

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As long as I have your attention, can you help with a related issue. I'd like to get all of the Item images I have in Square Online back to Square POS so I can get them retrieved via SKUIQ. Any way to make the images sync back?



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Square Community Moderator

The first picture from Square online will automatically sync back to Square POS. If you aren't seeing that happen it might be because of whatever sync issues we have going on, smh @purplebutterfly 😔

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