Re: Round-up option for non-profit donation

Re: Round-up option for non-profit donation

Square, please add this right away.  I have been asking you all for this for literally years (as a nonprofit ourselves, we would like to give patrons an option to round up to donate to us), but businesses also need the option to help local charities.  When change is in short supply as it is now, this is even more important than ever.  It's undoubtedly a simple option to add, and most of your competitors have it.


Thank you!


Will there ever be a "Round Up" feature? Or the ability to change TIP to say "Make a Donation"? I'm getting to the point where we may need to look at another software as Square keeps adding more new fees and has had 2 major service interruptions recently and can't even make a simple change that many nonprofits need like this option. The Rounding up would at least help us offset some of these fees so we can put more money to our charity.  It sound like this request has been made many years ago and has been ignored. It's concerning to me that Square isn't addressing an important and probably simple ask as many other systems are able to do it. I'm increasingly becoming frustrated with Square.

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Hey @Gntsthriftshop


Thanks for joining the Community and thanks for reaching out to share your feedback. 


I went ahead and merged your post to an existing feature request where other Square Sellers have discussed this topic as well. Our Product Team keeps an eye on this forum as they are constantly improving our products based on feedback like this.


Note: We merge duplicate conversations together to keep like comments in one place, and to make it easier for others to find the thread in the future.


I appreciate your time and patience.