I am attempting to do a buy back program. How can do that?

I want to offer a buy back program where I purchase items back from customers. This obviously would require being able to itemize the credit(ish). So I know that I can't create an item with a negative value. I suppose what I would need to do is at the point of buy back, calculate what I'm offering for the item(s) and create a discount code for that particular transaction on the fly. And make it a one time use.

If they don't purchase from me same day, can that discount code then be sent to them for future use? 

If they don't purchase from me and they want cash today, can I process a $0.00 transaction with the code and give them cash?


I'm open to suggestions.

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Hey @923Fabrics and welcome to the Community!


I personally cannot think of a way you could do this since it's not what the POS is designed to do currently.


The thread will remain open/visible to other sellers if someone knows of a way you could and could chime in but at the time I really don't have a great answer or any way I could think of how to do so.

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