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Community SUPER Stars

Super Sellers are members of the Seller Community who manifest its culture. They are helpful, kind, knowledgeable about Square products, and are always eager to engage in the Community! If you are passionate about small businesses, love using Square, and enjoy sharing business knowledge in the Community, the Super Seller programme might be for you.

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Give and Get Back

    In return for Community participation and Square advocacy, Super Sellers receive:

  • Free access to select Square Subscriptions
  • Branded swag
  • A strong sense of programme Community
  • Private Community forum
  • And beyond!
“Talking to friends and family who don't understand the weight of business ownership is hard. It is difficult for people to understand the minute detail of my day and the chaos that sometimes erupts while knowing that all of the responsibility is yours. But the Super Seller's are here to listen, laugh, share a funny pic, and best of all give advice.

Additionally, the payoff of having the ears of Square is immense. We have benefited so much from talking in the Community and Super Sellers forums.”
“The Super Seller Programme has been especially beneficial because it allows me to share what I've learned and connect with other small business owners in a way that isn't possible anywhere else.”
“I'm happy that I opened myself up and put myself out there. It's been nothing but beneficial for myself and my business. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm able to help someone with a certain subject that I'm familiar with. Likewise, whenever I need help, I can come to Super Sellers without any fear of being judged and receive the help I need.”
Meet our Super Sellers

Get to know our current Super Sellers.

Become a Super Seller

At this time applications are closed. They will reopen Fall 2022 and post an announcement in the Seller Community.

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Participate in the Seller Community

Being an active Community member is step one in becoming a Super Seller. Answering a Question of the Week is a great place to start!