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Is there currently or if not, can Square consider adding an Alarm function to the Ticket function?  Example if a customer calls at 1pm and places an order but doesn't want to pick it up until 3pm, can the order be entered as a ticket with the ability to set an alarm to go off sometime before the pick up time? Thanks, Matt

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Hello @brinebarrel !


This isn't something that's available currently, but I like your thinking! Do be sure to post the feature request in the new Ideate section here in the community. I think this is one that warrants looking into.


For the time being, I can think of two ways to make this happen on the current setup:

-You can configure your system to be able to create orders on the Orders section of the app. This will allow you to choose a pickup time just like the order was created online. Downfall is you'll have to get the customer's name, phone, and email (possibly payment? I can't remember) at the time of order. A lot of people aren't too keen on that idea. To set this up, on your POS go to More -> Settings -> Orders -> Order creation and enable this setting. You'll see a new button on your system by the checkout button.

-The low tech version is to use the custom name ticket option and name the ticket [Name] Pickup at 3pm. That'll print on all the tickets. If your team knows to watch the names you can hold tickets until pickup time. This is what we do in my store and it works almost every time.


Hope this helps!

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