ADA Accessibility Features

I use Weebly drag and drop builder specifically because I don't have the time to figure out where, or how, to change HTML & CSS codes. Not being ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant could mean a lawsuit for the business, individual, or non profit who admins the website.

Currently, there is no easy way, I know of, to add alt text to stock background images, headers, slideshow, gallery, etc. It only works under Advanced on static single images. Adding alt text to ALL images is a requirement for the Americans with Disabilities Act. We either need a tutorial on how to add alt text specifically to each page's header & background code, or have a Weebly incorporate alt="" directly into all header and background codes to indicate a decorative image.

Another problem I'm finding is not being able to use only a keyboard for all navigation, especially in forms. Web visitors with disabilities must be able to navigate the entire website using only keyboard functions.

A skip to content drag and drop feature would be another very helpful, and ADA required, element.

Of course, these few items won't fix every compliance issue, but are the most difficult hurdles I've discovered as I search out information on how to understand and better implement existing tools, and work arounds for non existant drag and drop elements.

These requests aren't merely pie in the sky wishes for prettier websites, they're crucial for compliance with federal law for those of us with limited time, resources, and understanding of coding language.

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Hi @PPLAK. Thanks for reaching out and providing such detailed information. I don't know where we are with making these changes, but I highly encourage you to add this information and kudo the following post: https://community.weebly.com/t5/Vote-on-Features/Make-your-site-ADA-Accessible/idi-p/85854

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Are you kidding me??? Vote for this????  We are all targets for beefy lawsuits and you are suggesting we add it to a vote for it list???? Bull**bleep**. This needs remedial work immediately. You can bet if I get sued because your company does not offer me the option to be compliant with the ADA laws, I will be lawyering up to pass it on to Weebly.

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have you heard back from weebly about this yet? this is a potential lawsuit against them for putting us in the position. if we edit our coding in any way it voids their customer service so its a total set up.

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