MoPro Crooks! Avoid Like the Plague

I was contacted by a salesman from them very high pressure. Wants people to rent a website for $200.00\month! Tries to pitch peeps that don't know any batter by saying that you have access to a Lamborghini under the hood. He so kindly was willing to reduce the price to $100\month after I called him out on his BS. This might not be a bad deal for the newb if not for the fact you never have ownership of your website and they were not crooks!

Even though I may pick apart Weebly at the end of the day they provide a good service to alot of peeps. Plus at $3-$20.00\month if a person decides they are not a fit, they are out a meal at McDonald's not a huge loss, lol. I have called Weebly support a few times myself and they were never high pressure to sell upgrades\addons and they were quite knowledgeable for Tier 1 tech support. I strung the MoPro rep on the phone for 5 minutes on hold while I pretended to look for my credit card. Then I just hung up on him. Smiley Tongue

Just look at the results from LoadImpact. The response times all over the place!




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Very interesting! I've never heard of this company before, but thanks for sharing your experience with them.


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FROM Google Reviews!
I wish there was a zero star rating. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! First, they will not deliver what they promise over the phone. They do not even give you any policy or even a contract or even a purchase order. They probably do verbally over the phone, but you will not receive anything in writing. They will tell you that you can opt out at anytime if you are not satisfied, but they will never send you a single email stating that they charged your account or a contract Etc. Mopro will only send you an invoice or an email outlining their policy after you bring up complaints. Even then, good luck getting any type of customer service. Do not waste your time or money. Theses guys are literally snake oil salesmen.

The website was terrible and literally slapped together within hours. You are better off making your own website through square or wix. That's not my main complaint however. My biggest complaint is that the customer is not even told when they take money out of your account. You basically have to do all the work because they will essentially slap together crap and expect you to like it. I didn't even know I was getting Charged for 3 months of "service" and wouldn't even known about the charges if I didn't find it in my statements. We got no website out of it, at least not one we can actually use. Essentially they charged us $600 to produce nothing. They cut and pasted everything from our existing website with different backgrounds.

Good luck talking to any of their customer care or supervisors. It seems Mopro's business model is, "charge the customer, don't tell them about it, and if they complain, send them an email with a no refund policy"

If you don't believe the countless negative review on Yelp and Google, go to BBBs website and see how many complaints they have received in the last 12 months. They have zero positive reviews and actually in the bottom .6 percentile as far as comparable businesses in their sector. Out of 612 similar companies in webdesign category, only 4 have received 5-25 complaints in the last 36 months. Mopro somehow managed to be in this elite douchebag category just from complaints in the last 12 month. The only thing Mopro is good at doing is secretly billing you for things they didn't even build and getting complaints on pretty much every review site.

Many have threatened to bring a lawsuit to the company...and you will not be surprised if you have contacted any of their "customer care" specialists. Don't waste a dime on this snake oil of a company. It's borderline fraud.
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My husband dealt with MoPro and had the same experience! Every contact with them was one high-pressured sale or "upgrade opportunity" after another.

But that's not the WORST part... and before I go on, I highly recommend Weebly if you're on a budget or just trying to do something fun (like my personal blog). If you have a serious business though and need a serious website custom designed by guys that know what they're doing and handle the ongoing website changes for you, then SetMySite is the way to go (which my husband uses). Having said that, if you just need something that looks decent, don't need the personal support, and don't mind doing it yourself, SquareSpace is an awesome option if you don't mind paying a little more than Weebly. 

But I digress... with MoPro, the $200/mo price tag didn't bother us. I don't think it's an outrageous amount to pay for having a professional website and a company on-call to handle website changes. The problem is this... that's NOT what they provide. The site they "designed" (sarcasm) for my husband's landscaping company looked incredibly poor. The quality was not even close to the examples they have on their website. Yes, they were able to produce a website in 48 hours, but it was clearly just a template that they modified, and it wasn't even a good template. The whole thing looked sloppy.

My husband relies on his website for a large portion of his business. The quality of the website reflects on the quality of his business. We don't mind paying a little more for quality, but MoPro definitely lacks quality in both their design capabilities (or "templates") and their support. We would request changes to try and get the design looking better and it just seemed to start looking worse. On top of it, even simple change and edit requests seemed to take them days.

And when we'd call in for something that was easier to explain over the phone than email, it wouldn't be long before the subject matter we called about turned into a sales conversation to spend more money. Really? MORE MONEY?? To keep getting worse results and long wait times?

MoPro is a nice idea in theory - get a great website by "professional designers" and have people on call to handle questions or site changes. The problem is the idea remains a theory and is by no means a reality. They're an over-priced version of web.com in my opinion (who we tried at one point, but was even worse then MoPro - stay away from Web.com).

We came across SetMySite at one point, and they're the real deal. Incredible website design and the personal support is awesome. When my husband finishes laying a walkway or trimming hedges, he snaps a couple pictures and sends them to his personal webmaster. The pictures are up on his website before he even gets home. SetMySite is a lot pricier than SquareSpace (and less than MoPro), but they're totally worth every penny. Saves my hubby a ton of time, and his site looks pro.

The only thing I wouldn't use them for is a personal blog or a passion project type website. They're a little out of my price range for my simple site, and they offer a little more than I would use. Weebly's a great fit for what I'm doing and couldn't recommend it enough. Either way, if you're looking at different options for website design (or even management), there's a ton out there... just make sure MoPro is not one of them. 

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DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH MOPRO. I got a call from a Roy Nunez. He claimed that I inquired on their website several months ago. I did not recall that I ever was on their website, but he sure had my domain name and my contact info. Why did they wait that long to call me back? Said that he had my website 80% complete and wanted to show me.  I asked how much and he said $199/month but I should not worry about the price, that he could negotiate a better deal. He then emailed me a link so that I could share his screen for him to show me my 80% complete website....the guy flat out lied.  There was no 80% complete site of mine, far from it. What he showed me was what looked like a template of something that was so far removed from my industry it was hilarious. Things got weird when I started to ask questions. His answers made no sense but he kept talking just to keep me on the phone. Said his supervisor is standing right next to him ready to speak (sucker me in) to me....they reminded me of time share sales people....I finally hung up and blocked their number. 

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Thanks for sharing, @062017! We appreciate your feedback on MoPro.

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Thanks for the heads up on Setmysite.com @alexmi@. Our MoPro sales guy was super convincing, so we decided to try both companies at the same time for a side by side comparison. The results weren't even close - setmysite won by a landslide. The MoPro site was exactly what we read about online - a really yucky template with our logo on it. So glad we didn't sign their contract!

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