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Did your business form out of a hobby or other side gig? Reply to share your story and tips for maintaining work/life balance when work is also your passion. ...

Posted 09-08-2022 in Artists and Makers
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I am an artist, I paint in watercolors, acrylics, and oil. Labor Day of 2022 I decided to find a way to make my art affordable and fun. I had one of my painting...

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Posted 07-30-2022 in Artists and Makers
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Hey artists, crafters, and makers! 👋Do you have a studio or dedicated space in your home for your work? Do you rent space at a facility? Or do you just tend to...

Posted 07-27-2022 in Artists and Makers
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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Do you remember your first sale? How did you feel after hitting that milestone, and what have you learned since that you wish you kne...

Posted 07-13-2022 in Artists and Makers
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Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Artists & Makers group in Seller Community! Whether you're selling your work or selling items made by others, this is the group for...

Posted 07-06-2022 in Artists and Makers
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