Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

It would be super convenient to add a "check-in" feature to let the service providers know their client has arrived without physically telling them. It would change the color of the client on the schedule to let the service provider know they have arrived. It also might help business owners to audit the time allowances for their employees.


Another cool feature spinning off of the "check in" feature could be to make a "client view of the schedule". Limiting what the person viewing the schedule can see or change. For example, if you wanted to operate without a receptionist, you could have an ipad or touch screen computer to allow the client to check themself in when they arrive for their appointment, but still have privacy to other clients names and what services they're receiving. Maybe allow the client to search their appointment and check in when they arrive.


Many beauty service proivders are operating without reception/admin staff these days. I would imagine for a fee to add the feature, many would be interested to facilatate the streamlining of that process. These are suggestions to help convert prospective beauty professionals to transition to the square appointment booking system. 

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

So this feature doesn't currently exist I've been looking for it too

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

I see how helpful a self-check in feature would be @tyeastbl and I'll share your interest in this with the Appointments team.


We're always looking for ways to improve based on our seller and prospective sellers' feedback, so thank you for letting us know you're looking for this! 😀

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

My salon needs this feature too.  Showing the client as checked-in is a standard feature of the competing salon POS app we used to use. Lack of this feature has complicated and slowed down our checkin process.


Also, when a client no-shows and we mark them as a no-show the appointment just disappears. We need the appointment to stay there and turn red or some other visual identifier that it was a no-show. We need to be able to report on this on a weekly basis too. 

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

YES this booking system NEEDS a check in feature, it is the only way to verify if they have arrived without asking everyone around. It can be chaotic at times. I have not had to mark anyone as a no-show appointment yet but I wasnt aware that it disappears. I agree it needs to be marked as a different color or have some kind of indicator while keeping in on the schedule where the original appointment was. 


Hoping new features will be updated accordingly very soon. I was surprised to see a scheduling software release with no "check-in" feature.. very odd

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

Thank you for your post @laurennicolina. I'll pass this feedback to our Appointments team and we'll share any updates in this thread to keep you informed! 

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

Yes!  This ability to see who is cancelled is vital, I can’t believe that simple feature isn’t available.  Same for the check in, these are basic things that are a part of every schedule I’ve ever used. 

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

Yes, please encourage the Appointment team to add a client check-in feature. I am a small business consultant that works with many salons and setup square systems for them... This feature would be of great benefit. Also, I would like to add service categories and quick pick features for services just as the product items have the ability to do.  I do hope they will take this into serious consideration. Thank you.

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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

As a small beauty business owner a checkin in feature for clients would be great and even more so if it collected emails from clients who do not have one on file. I do agree about the current no show feature. Having the appointment remain on the schedule but in a different color would be great.


Is there a way to mass text clients? I havent easily seen this feature and have yet to search for it. I know we can mass email but a lot of people enjoy texts and check those more. (searching for mass text after this post.) 



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Re: Client "Check In" feature on square appointments

Welcome to the seller community, @AuraBrushed, and thanks for your post! At this time, the ability to mass text clients isn't an option with Customer Engagement, but you can share promotions via digital receipts.


In addition, the option to self-check in isn't available, but you may be interested in our email collection feature set. For more details, have a look here: Get Started With Email Collection Tools.


Hope these features help get you closer to where you need to be. Please keep in touch for updates.

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