Partner Spotlight: Meet Setmore!

Accept appointments 24/7 with Setmore

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Welcome to our next Partner Spotlight. Millions of sellers use the Square App Marketplace to discover and install apps that they rely on daily to run their businesses.


In this post we meet Setmore, Setmore is a free online appointment scheduling app for businesses of all sizes.

Business Name: Setmore 


Tell us about your app and what it does for sellers.

The Setmore app helps you deliver your magic. It prides itself on seamlessly automating the appointment booking process, so you can focus on what you do best.


Every account comes with an online calendar and customer-facing Booking Page. This empowers your audience to view your services, availability and fees online, and self-book appointments in seconds. The details land in your calendar in real-time and both the service provider and customer receive instant email confirmations.


No waiting, no back-and-forth. Businesses are bookable 24/7. 


What is the number one reason for Square sellers to use Setmore?

Setmore is an all-in-one solution. It enhances customer experience before, during and after booking.


Your business doesn't miss opportunities due to unanswered calls. New and existing customers can book and manage their appointments online. Your booking channels also increase through Setmore’s integrations with your website, Facebook and Instagram. As your calendar and Booking Page are connected, scheduling conflicts are eliminated.


How can sellers get started with Setmore?

We’re offering Square sellers free access to Premium and Pro features for 2 months. To get started, visit this link. You can also explore the app on the Square App Marketplace


How much does Setmore cost for sellers?

The Setmore-Square integration is free with up to four staff. Additionally, we offer monthly and annual plans with exclusive features, customized to your specific business needs. For full pricing details, visit our website.


How does Setmore work to simplify scheduling?

At Setmore, we aim to simplify scheduling for all kinds of businesses – those that work in close quarters, teams distributed around the world, and one-person-bands that travel to clients. Our mobile app allows Sellers to book appointments at conferences or fairs, manage staff on-the-go, and process payments in person. 


Is Setmore customizable? 

Yes! Several enterprise operations have utilized our external APIs to build custom solutions. For example, through implementing self-booking, The Watches of Switzerland Group increased online sales by over 82% while their US and UK stores were closed. Retailer American Eagle introduced a unique personal shopping experience powered by Setmore, and is booking thousands of appointments per week using the Instagram integration.


Will customers have access to support? 

Absolutely. All customers have access to around-the-clock app support, which has generated some outstanding reviews. If you have any questions, Team Setmore experts are available via phone, chat and email. We can also book a personalized demo to tailor your account.



Thank you Setmore for participating in Partner Spotlight! We appreciate everything you do!

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