Square for Restaurants Week Recap

Hi Seller Community,


From June 28-30 we were joined by over 860 people for Square for Restaurants Week. Thank you all so much for attending and for your participation. We received great questions and feedback about Square for Restaurants, and hope that our responses were helpful. 


For anyone who could not attend, do not fret. We know life moves fast in the food and beverage industry and that grabbing time in your week for online events is challenging. We have put together this event recap for those who couldn't attend, and for others who want to review the content again. 


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Keynote with Hadley Hall

Watch the Keynote Speech with Square for Restaurants Product Manager, Hadley Hall. In the presentation, Hadley spoke about Square for Restaurants' recent releases. She shows us how to use Square to run every aspect of your food service business and shares useful tips and tricks. 


Watch the keynote or download the slide deck.


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Here is a list of helpful resources that expand on areas covered in Hadley’s keynote. 



Square for Restaurants Week Workshops

Watch the live- workshop to master the technical side of using Square for Restaurants at your business! In this workshop, you will learn how to:


Resources on Common Topics and FAQ’s 

If you are new to Square for Restaurants, follow this setup guide. If you have additional questions, our Support Center is here for you. 


A lot of great questions were asked throughout Square for Restaurants Week. Below are resources that address these questions, as well as cover other frequently asked questions about Square for Restaurants.


“How To” Articles


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Additional Questions from the Workshops, Answered. 


  • Any ETA on when Restaurants Plus will be available for Square Register and Terminal?  Both Square Terminal and Square Register support most Square for Restaurants Plus features at this time (aside from Close of Day, Reopen Closed Checks, & Dark Mode).


  • We need to know how to charge for additional modifiers outside of the allowed modifier. For example, we allow one modifier but if they want to add an additional modifier how do we charge for the add-on?  You can assign a price point to any modifier, however, we don't have the concept of allowing a minimum amount of modifiers for free, and then additional modifiers being at a charge (ones exceeding the minimum).  That is a great feature request! Please feel free to submit your feature request with your business use case here.


  • Can we add “Sub” as a modifier and customize the charge each time? Not at this time, however, you can use conversational modifiers to add conditions, such as Sub, Add, No, Extra, Allergy


  • We use Square POS and online ordering in our limited-service restaurant.  Is there an easy way to move our existing items to Restaurants?  Will this affect our online ordering setup? All items in the Square Catalog will sync to Square for Restaurants. Items created online just need to be added to menus to show up on the RST POS.


Swag - How to View your Subscriptions

We are working on applying the following subscriptions to all US sellers who registered for this event: 


Note Square for Payroll subscriptions are billed in arrears, for example eligible sellers will receive Square for Payroll for July, August and September, but all other subscriptions will be for August, September and October 2022. 


Once the subscriptions have been applied we will update this thread - this work should be completed before the end of this month. In the meantime, you can confirm your subscription pricing from your online Square Dashboard. Navigate to the Pricing and Subscriptions tab to view your current subscription pricing and bills. Thank you for your patience! 



We hope that this event and the additional resources help you while implementing and using Square for Restaurants. If you have any additional questions, please reply to this thread or post in the Seller Community Food and Beverage Group (please join if you are not familiar with this group). A member of the Square team or a fellow seller will answer as best as possible. 


Looking to test Square for Restaurants features before they launch? Join the Beta Community! 


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Beta Member

A question that was never really answered. Is the mobile os coming to iPhone? We as loyal Square users have invested $1000s into apple ipads, for POS & KDS and the such. Will there be no OS for iPhone? just iPads going forward?

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@TomsRestaurant from our product team -> Square for Restaurants is currently supported on iPads and Square for Restaurants mobile, POS is not available on iPhones at this time. Any tickets created on any Square for Restaurants hardware (iPads, Register or Mobile devices) will communicate with each other and are able to be used together. 


If you would like to submit a feature request about this issue or anything else regarding Square for Restaurants, please do so here. We really appreciate your feedback 🙂 

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Beta Member

so again, we are just getting concerned that Square is slowly transitioning to android and away from iOS. Square Register runs android, the new mobile terminal again android, mobile restaurants android....one of the best features of coming to Square years ago was the consistency with iOS and apple products. you knew the hardware and had a comfort level with it.  


the apple ecosystem was a big selling point with Square Restaurants vs other competitive restaurant POS systems, at least for us.


but thank you for clarifying.



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We don’t currently have plans to support on iPhone but if you have iPads and adopt RST mobile, you can use the two alongside. Square is not moving away from any system, we are just continuing to develop parity on iPads

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