Invoice adjustments after deposit

If I create and invoice and the customer pays the deposit (%, not set amount) and then decides to add on more later, when I add to the invoice it fluctuates the deposit percentage owed. Is there a way that Square can just leave the deposit % as it was and just tack on the extra to the remaining balance? Otherwise, I have to either add the remaining balance and the remaining deposit and then manually enter their card as the updated email link just sends them the remaining deposit balance due or go back in and adjust the “deposit” to “$ amount”. Then Square sends a second email for the actual remaining. Frustrating for customers to have to check their email twice and enter their card info twice. It’s inconvenient and I never want to inconvenience my customers. 

Also, once a payment plan is established on the invoice and a payment is made, you cannot adjust the amount or dates for future payments. I had a $5k invoice that originally customer was going to pay $1k a month until paid off then decided to make $2k payments. Was still able to take payment through the back end of the invoice but the remaining balance dates that are in the new agreement cannot be reflected. Is there a way to fix that?



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Re: Invoice adjustments after deposit

Hello @HomeTreasuresD

I see what you are trying to do here! When it comes to our invoice settings, once the invoice has been sent and approved it can not be edited.


If you are adding a percentage deposit and later add items to the invoice, you want to add the deposit as a dollar amount, not a percent. It seems like the percentage deposit is getting calculated by the system on the total amount of the invoice so it will fluctuate as you add more items. There is no workaround at the time. 


Let me know if this worked for you.

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