PayPal Pay in 4 Option

PayPal is now offering a pay in 4 option which allows the customers to check out with Paypal and pay for their items in 4 easy payments. Is Square integrating this feature in the checkout options? Can we add this feature to the checkout as Paypal has provided the code and end user language to make this feature available? 

Natasha Leverett
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Square Community Moderator

Hey @NatLTees,


We aren't integrated in PayPal in any way and don't offer this feature. 

Ashley C
Community Moderator, Square
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On my website, the customer does have the option to check out with PayPal which was the reason for my question of integrating this new PayPal feature onto the platform.

Natasha Leverett
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I also agreewith NatLTees. Many of my clients are buying from places now that offer a pay in 4 option and keep suggesting we add one as well. They're using all types from Klarna, Sezzle, Quadpay, Afterpay, etc and we recently updated our system to add PayPal mostly bc we thought we'd be able to offer their new pay in 4. I think its essential for square to add this new economical trend so we can stay up to date with our clients somehow. Im having clients tell me they choose to shop with those places over me due to that one option alone. 

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The lack of this feature or others similar to it is causing many of to lose Website sales, new Clients & the loss of return Clients to the Website. This feature needs to be evaluated immediately as Square/Weebly may begin to lose Customers as they search for other platforms that does support these features. 

Natasha Leverett
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