Feature Request: Invoices Quote Toggle

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Feature Request: Invoices Quote Toggle

I want to see if anybody else has an interest in this option.  I've asked Square a couple of times about this, but am not sure it is something they are working on.  As you can see from my name, I'm in the catering business.  Many times my customers ask for a quote, or it's something that I offer.  The problem is that every time I do this, I have to explain to them that "it will look like an invoice, but use it as a quote," and that "we can edit or delete it at any time."  For me, a Quote Toggle at the top of invoices would be great.  It would take the payment option away, and clearly state that what is being sent is a quote.  It would look so much more professional in my opinion, and save me the time of having to explain this to every customer that wants a quote.  
Could anybody else benefit from this option?

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Hello @debthomas


Good news! Our Invoices Team is moving forward with this feature request.  Currently, I don't have a timeline for when this feature will be available. Also, I want to emphasize that this won't be implemented over night and will take quite a bit of time to build. The Invoices Team is working on a number of projects in 2018 to help improve the product for all Square Sellers. 


I will update this thread as soon as the feature is available! 😃

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This would be an awesome addition Square!



I would love this option as well. It would defintiely be a big win for the the software and users alike!


Yes, I would use it for sure! What I’ve been doing is enlarging the invoice showing only the part I want seen then screenshot then copy and paste to email, a real pain.


I strongly agree I was looking for a way to send a quote as well. This feature would give us more flexibility to convert customers, can you please add a reminder button as an easy follow-up option as well. Thank You


Yes, I'm in the Plant/Nursery business and need to quote customers all the time.. also, the ability to put a deposit on the quote/invoice.. Should be able to quote then convert to an invoice.. and take a deposit on goods and services..  


We are also currently investing a lot of time setting up Square for our inventory tracking, invoicing, POS, etc.  In doing so one of the things that came up in our meetings this week was how do we do an estimate > invoice in square.


We have an estimating software right now for bids to clients, but it would be great if that bid was created as a square estimate and then could be turned into an invoice. 


It would aslo be incredibly helpful if both invoices and estimates could have different sections. For exable, when writing an estimate id like the ability to have a "master bedroom" header, then add items to it and have a section sub total.  The customer can then go through an estimate or invoice and see each section and its invidual pricing.


We would like the option to provide quotes


Come on Square, get with it, we need quotes and estimates!! 


This is the feature I am most waiting for.  I give a quote for EVERY item I sell as a small artisan.  Right now I am using WAVE for estimates/quotes and it transitions to an invoice easily, but I prefer using Square for invoices sue to Square's recognition in the marketplace.  It is frustrating that this option doesn't yet exist as I am constantly doing re-work to make it work for the customer.


As you can see, your seller community has been requesting the ability to create quotes for some time and there is still no option for that. This can't be that difficult. It's as simple as using your current invoice method except having the ability to save and send as a draft rather than an invoice. Can't be that difficult. You need to up the priority on this as this method is obviously used by the majority of the freelancers that use your service. Get 'er done.