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We are really keen to use Square Appointments to enable table booking. We explored ways of doing this by creating our tables as resources and creating a service for each table. The only problem is that the booking site requires you to select a service first, before seeing the availability. That would mean customers having to work their way through each service to see what is available for a given time.


It would be great if either the booking site could be changed so that a date and time could be selected first, to see the availability of services, or provide alternative enhancements specifically to accomodate table booking.

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Hey @ARFC, thank you for sharing this! It's definitely something our team are aware of but I'll be sure to surface this to the Appointments team as well.


In the meantime, we do have an integration with ResDiary Lite which may be a better fit for bookings and reservations. You can read more about the integration in our App Marketplace

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