How do Customers update their address


How do Customers update their address

For booking online appointments, I have prospects and Customers include their physical address.  One Customer had provided a fake address initially and wants to update it to be current now.  When the Customer tries to update their address, it says that they cannot and to contact the Administrator.  Is there a way to allow the Customer to update their own address?


Thank You in Advance!

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Welcome to the seller community and thanks for flagging this, @RB2. I went to check this out and, currently, edits to Customer Accounts in Appointments can only be made by the service provider.


I will be surfacing your post to our Appointments Team and point out an area to make efficiency improvements. This customer-facing feature was recently introduced, and we're making improvements based on seller feedback. Appreciate your patience, and please don't hesitate to let us know if any other questions come up!


For additional information, check out this section of our Support Center: Manage Your Customer Account with Square Appointments.