Feature Requests

Feature Requests


  • • The submission can only contain 1 request for 1 product.
  • • A submission that describes multiple requests will not be accepted and will need to be split into multiple submissions.
  • • The submission cannot be a request for lower fees.
  • • The submission cannot be a general complaint.
  • • The submission cannot be general product feedback.

Your request must meet the above criteria in order to be accepted. Any request that does not meet these requirements will be rejected, have their status changed to “Closed,” and will be moved to the Closed Requests - Read Only board.


  • 1. Select a product for your feature request.
  • 2. Select the “Submit a Request” button.
  • 3. In the subject field, add a title that summarizes the request. (Ex: Local Delivery for Retail Checkout)
  • 4. In the large field provided, describe your request.