A Mi Manera: Business Owners Thriving Their Own Way, Only In Denver [a series]


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We’re thrilled to announce “Only In Denver: A Mi Manera” a Square series highlighting five Denver-based entrepreneurs. A Mi Manera, or My Way, is a reflection of the owners’ courage to do things on their own terms, to reach their personal definitions of success, and to demonstrate the positive impact their businesses have on their local community and beyond.


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Mi Vida Strings

Product/Service Type: Retail & Professional Service - Musical Instruments

Mi Vida Strings is a family-run shop that specializes in making, repairing and restoring high quality string instruments. Eric Trujillo, who started the business, grew up in a family of artisans, musicians and mechanics, and he values his ability to continue the tradition of using his hands for creative work. Read more in the Town Square article here


Discussion: How do you prioritize quality in your business? Is it through your product? Your service? Your customer experience? Share below. 

 Antojitos La Poblanita

Product/Service Type: Retaurant - Mexican 

Elizabel and Maria Urrieta migrated from Puebla, MX, in the early 2000s, and together, they opened Antojitos La Poblanita, a Mexican restaurant in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood. They share their culture with the people of Denver and beyond. Read more in the Town Square article here




Cultura Chocolate

Product/Service Type: Retail & Food - Chocolate 

Cultura Chocolate is more than a business. Damaris Ronkanen's bean-to-bar chocolate-making company in Denver's Westwood neighborhoods has become a pathway to reconnecting with her Latin roots and a place to cultivate and empower communities locally and abroad.  Read more in the Town Square article here



Discussion: What does community mean to you? How do you connect with other small businesses in your community?


Steadyhand Barber Co.

Product/Service Type: Personal Care - Barber Shop

When Gabriel Maestas discovered his passion for cutting hair, his path became clear. He linked up with his friend from school, Diego Carreon, and together they opened @steadyhandbarberco, a barber shop in Denver’s Montclair neighborhood. 




Discussion: What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

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Great video....I prioritize quality through my products, my service, and experience.  I chose my products carefully and if I receive something that is not up to my standards, I return it to the vendor.  My customers compliment me all the time on the quality of our products.  I also want all of my customers to leave my store knowing I not only care about their business, but I care about them as a person.  I've always been very personable, so I try to carry that into my boutique daily. 

Jacqueline Mull
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