Balance transfer from Square short due to Other Tender amount.

Hello, we are a shop that has used Square for nearly ten years and have always been very pleased with the service we have received,  However I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issues we are currently.  We take cash, card and gift cards for payment.  No checks or paper gift certificates - so no "other tender"


Recently several of my balances (deposits) were not zeroing out on the actual transfer report from Square.   


The Sales Summary shows no “Other” type of tender used.  The Payment Methods report shows no “Other” tender types of transactions processed, yet my balance transfer shows an Other Tender Amount that its excluded from the amount that I was supposed to receive.


When I take the Total Collected and deduct the processing fees the total I am due is short the exact amount of the other tender amount that is excluded.


I reached out to Square Support about this almost 30 days ago and was told it was being worked on.  After two weeks I reached back out for an update and asked for a managers contact information and was given this response 10 days ago and have heard nothing since.


"Thank you for your patience. Our engineers are aware of your issue and it is in our engineering queue for investigation. We know your case has taken longer than expected to resolve. The turnaround time on how soon your case will be resolved is based on a number of variables which can result in a longer resolution time. We know this isn’t ideal, but our engineers are working to have a solution in place with your issue. We appreciate your continued cooperation during this process.


Unfortunately, I am not able to give out our manager's information. I did speak with our Advanced Support team and at this time there is nothing further a manager can do until our engineers have resolved or closed the ticket. "


Has anyone else had this issue????


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@muse I am curious, have you looked to see if the amount of "other" matches any gift card redemptions/payments you received?


Gift cards are weird, basically when the card is purchased you get the deposit for the amount of the gift card less fees.  When the customer uses the gift card there is no deposit to your account as you already received the money, but it shows in your daily sales.  In reality, accounting wise a gift card is a liability or amount owed not a receivable.


I would look at that first and see just to make sure as you would not see a gift card used in a deposit.

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