How are business owners navigating another unusual holiday season? Listen to Talking Squarely Ep.13

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Square’s original podcast, Talking Squarely, is back with a special holiday episode. 



In this episode we discuss the trials and tribulations associated with being a seller this holiday season. With the pandemic still ravaging parts of the US, how are business owners coping? What are the new challenges? And what are the big opportunities as they look to 2022? 


We talk to three business owners about what they learned from 2020, how they’ve pivoted for this holiday season, what challenges they expect to face even beyond the pandemic, and what they are hopeful for as they ring in 2022.

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  • What did you learn from 2020?
  • What have you done well during this holiday season? What could you improve?
  • How are you preparing for 2022?

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Episode features: Beau Coan, operations manager for Papa Noel Christmas Trees in Austin, TX; Kate Vourvoulis, co-owner of Good Luck Wine Shop in Pasadena, CA; and Kenneth Brown, co-owner of Sisters of the New South restaurant in Savannah, GA.


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Thanks for sharing @Hailey !

Great to see the podcast back - can't wait to listen to this episode

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