How do you manage the daily stresses and struggles of being a business owner?

Here are some ways to manage the stresses and struggles you face as a business owner every day. Feel free to share your tips on how you make it through your to-do list—click Reply below! 


Find your community 😊

It’s invaluable if you can find like-minded people who can empathize, share their own experiences, and help you solve business problems. There are lots of ways to find your community: you could search online for local Meetups and Small Business Administration (SBA) events, or you could look up your local Chamber of Commerce to connect with the business community in your area. Of course the Square Seller Community is thriving community made up of diverse business ownerswelcome! And you might also be interested in the Seller Community’s Women in Business Group. Check it out!  


Stay organized and try to delegate tasks 📋

There are a wealth of time tracking and organizational applications out there. If you find an app that works for you, that’s great! If you’re more of a pen-and-paper person keep a notebook with a running to-do list (I do this!). Earlier this month we shared 4 tips to help you manage and delegate responsibility that we hope are a good starting point. It might be time to give your team some additional responsibilities so you can focus on the parts of your business you love the most! 


It’s good to talk ☎

If you’re feeling stressed out call someone or take 5 to chat to a friend. Just saying a problem out loud can help. Explaining an issue to someone else might help you to realize a solution, and your friends, family or team might see a way forward that you hadn’t.


Go outside or take a quick walk ☀️

Not every business owner has enough time to train for a marathon, but I bet you could stretch to a short, brisk walk a few times a week. Feeling out of shape? Start really small: walk for 5-10 minutes one day, 10 minutes the next day (and the day after too), then build up to 15, 20, and 30 minutes. If you’re not feeling it one day, skip it! If you find it hard to actually get out the door, ask a friend to join so you’re committed. Can’t commit to a daily walk? Sign up for a weekly exercise class. Once you sign up it’ll be that much harder to skip a class. 


Eat well! 🍴

If you’re busy busy now is not the time to start an extreme diet. But let's be honest we could all drink less caffeine and less soda in an effort to get everything done. Try to remember to eat three meals a day and avoid anything that affects your ability to sleep at night! 


Take a break or do something for yourself 🎁

Plan a vacation or actually go on vacation. You can take Square with you! From your online Square Dashboard you can review sales activity in real time, adjust team permissions, or update inventory whenever you need to. Really can’t take any time off? Plan an evening off—go to the movies or have a movie night at home, book a massage, or treat yourself. Or try something different like an art class. You work hard so having something to look forward too will help you cope with stressful days and weeks ahead.

And remember to breathe!



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Re: How do you manage the daily stresses and struggles of being a business owner?

I am very intentional about turning off from my business for periods at a time.  I didn't use to do this; I would work right up until Christmas Eve if I felt I needed to, and I didn't feel like I could ever be away from my business email, not even for a weekend.  My business was running me, not me running it.  Now I plan my time away from my business and announce it to my customers.  It's that hour-and-a-half yoga practice when I refuse even to look at my phone.  It's that weekend at the beach with my daughter.  Now, closing up shop for two weeks at Christmas is non-negotiable.  I might still be working behind the scenes a little during that time, but it's on my schedule, not my customers'.  Unplugging for however long I need to keeps my stress levels low.

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Re: How do you manage the daily stresses and struggles of being a business owner?

Thank you for taking the time to share what works for you @Sara_CCS! I think you make a great point that intentionally planning time off is really important here. I'm very glad you're able to 'unplug'! 

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Pesso Super Seller

Re: How do you manage the daily stresses and struggles of being a business owner?

I love this! So many great and really important steps to take - thank you for putting it together and sharing!


Delegating has really been huge for me to be able to spend my time wisely, and enables me to make sure I get 1 to 3 days off each week. It's so important to be able to walk away and be caught in the slog of being here every single day. Even if it's taking a day to work from home or a coffee shop, a change of scenery and not having to be ON and IN makes a huge difference.


Going seasonal also has been a huge help! Following the rhythm of the season, knowing when each portion of my year ends, and being closed for a couple of months has been insanely helpful for balancing everything.

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Re: How do you manage the daily stresses and struggles of being a business owner?

Thank you @Pesso! Being able to 'change the scenery' is a great tip and it's a lot easier nowadays with laptops and tablets — you're not restricted to a PC in a back office! 🙂


(If you're Interested in learning more about Pesso's 'switch to seasonal', check out his post How I Grew My Seasonal Business to be Open All Year, and @Covegirl's post on Tips for starting a seasonal business🙌

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