Introducing the Super Seller program for our Australian Community 馃帀

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 Applications are now open for Australian Super Sellers!


Super Sellers are those who go above and beyond in their relationship with Square and their fellow sellers. They are passionate about small business, love using Square, and enjoy sharing their business expertise and knowledge of Square with others. If this sounds like you, read on for more details about the program and how to apply! New to the Seller Community? Learn how to join.


What are the benefits of being a Super Seller?

 If selected to participate you鈥檒l have the opportunity to: 


  • Boost your reputation among Square enthusiasts and the larger business community and earn recognition by sharing your business acumen and expertise.
  • Access an exclusive global Super Seller Lounge where you can connect with other Super Sellers and Square Teams. 
  • Participate in virtual meetings with other Super Sellers and team members from Square including Product and Community teams!
  • Receive a welcome kit with some excellent goodies - and many more benefits as we continue to build out the program in the coming weeks, months, and years!


We鈥檒l also give you an exclusive Super Seller Community badge and add you to our Super Seller Directory to let everyone know you鈥檙e a top contributor. 


Who should apply to become a Super Seller? 


We are looking for all types of sellers no matter what your business type or size. If any of the below sounds like you, please do apply!


  • You love helping other sellers by providing great answers to questions in the Seller Community, and you are friendly, thoughtful, and respectful in every interaction.
  • You are knowledgeable about a specific Square feature/tool or you know a little about lots of Square鈥檚 products, and you are curious to learn even more!
  • You are passionate about offering support, encouragement, and advice to small business owners.
  • You love testing Square鈥檚 new features, reporting bugs, and sharing constructive feedback. You might already be an active member of our Beta Community or perhaps you鈥檙e just getting started!
  • You are keen to understand the challenges that other sellers in the Community face and provide solutions or workarounds.


What are the criteria to become a Super Seller?


  • You use Square for your business.
  • You can commit to participating in the Community or engaging with Square once a week - in a perfect world you can participate daily. We do know you are a busy business owner and expect things to come up, but engaging regularly is an important criteria.
  • You can participate in virtual meet ups on a semi-regular basis. 


How do I apply to become a Super Seller?


We are currently accepting Super Seller applications for our Australian Seller Community. Check out our list of recommended actions you can take to catch our eye. Familiarise yourself with our etiquette guidelines before applying.




Can I apply if I haven鈥檛 participated in the Seller Community? Yes! Please do apply and start to participate. Showing interest is a great start and we can review your application in a few weeks once you鈥檝e had the chance to post and respond to other sellers!



What happens after I apply? Once we鈥檝e reviewed your applications a Community Team member will send you a private message with the results of their application and the next steps. 



Who will qualify to become a Super Seller? We encourage every interested Seller to apply! We will respond to every application. Not everyone will be accepted on their first application. We do encourage anyone not accepted to continue engaging in Seller Community and beyond, and apply again in the future.



Apply here 馃檪



Fine Print

The Square team reserves the right to determine or revoke Super Seller status or add or remove program benefits at any time. Super Sellers are not employees, contractors, or agents of Square in any way. Please read the application thoroughly to understand your obligations if selected to be a Super Seller.



We鈥檙e really excited about the new program and meet and learn from our future Super Sellers. Reply here if you have any questions about the program!

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