Join Between Shores: Asian Pacific Islanders, Seller Community's API Business Group

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As we continue to review feedback around the Seller Community, one theme resonates clearly: You want an easy way to connect with folks with shared interests and perspectives. Over the last few years, this has resulted in the creation of seller groups like togetHER, Uplifted Voices, Pride in Business, and now we're excited to announce…





Between Shores: Asian Pacific Islanders!


This is a space for people in the Asian and/or Pacific Islander (API) community where we can seek advice within the context of our shared experiences:


  • A place where Asian Pacific Islander sellers can support each other. This is a space where anyone with API background and allies can come together to share resources, discuss life as a business owner, or just life in general and beyond. 


  • A business resource hub for Asian Pacific Islander folks. Share your stories, insights, and best practices that have helped you to find success in your business or career.

  • A place to connect with API Squares who are eager to align with fellow API customers. By opening more connections with API Square product and engineering team members, these conversations help us get a better understanding of our customers’ needs as we continue to develop our products and services for the best customer experience. 


As we expand groups, there will be new opportunities to connect with business owners and community members that you identify with, would like to learn more about, or of which you'd like to be an ally.


If you would like to join, please do so by clicking the link below:


Join Between Shores: Asian Pacific Islanders

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This is wonderful

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Happy to have you here! 

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Beta Member

Hey everyone! Just started a Jewelry Design business, creating and making my own jewelry in the DC metropolitan area. Looking forward to connecting and sharing!

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Thank you for sharing! You can include your business to our digital directory so our members can check it out. 🙂 


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