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Meet a Super Seller: GlassDale

We're welcoming a familiar face in the community, @GlassDale, as our newest Super Seller! Together with his wife, Judy, Dale owns an amazing stained glass store in Wisconsin. Read on to learn more about their advice for starting a business and thriving. 


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Tell us a little about your business!

We are a retail stained glass store in Janesville, WI. We sell everything anyone would need to create, design and build a stained glass panel of almost any size. We also offer custom-made pieces, designed in consultation with the customer and built to their specifications. We will help the customer with glass selection to make sure they get exactly what the desire. We also offer custom etching on stained or regular glass, and we have a process where we can transfer any photograph onto a specially-coated glass blank. We do glass fusing, which is melting layers of glass together to get a piece with no lead lines, which you see in a normal stained glass piece.


Here's a photo of our glass racks, containing about 5,000 different colors and textures of glass from over 20 different glass suppliers.



Glass Racks.jpg


When did you start using Square?

We bought a Square Register system in September of 2018, but we used the Square reader with our iPhones for a couple of years before that, on a very limited basis. We used to do a few off-site shows a year and used the reader for those, but just about the time we started using the reader, we stopped doing the shows, so we didn't get much use out of it.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known back on day 1 of starting your business?

That is a really good question, but quite hard to answer. I can't think of much that I know now that would have helped back then. I think I would probably say that there is tons of help out there that can help people when they're setting up a business. There are local and state associations that are geared specifically to helping small businesses get started and succeed. We didn't know about most, or even any of those at the time and we could have avoided a lot of the mistakes that we made.

What questions can you help with in the community?

I'm most helpful with those questions that I can answer of my own knowledge - that is, those questions that address issues that I have experienced myself or areas where I have the personal experience to answer the question.

What's your favorite discussion topic?

Another good question. I don't really have a favorite topic, but rather I enjoy topics where I can learn something from either watching the replies or doing some research myself.

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Re: Meet a Super Seller: GlassDale

Welcome (officially)! We're delighted to have you here in the Community! 😊

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GlassDale Super Seller

Re: Meet a Super Seller: GlassDale

Thanks, @Helen and @katieand.  I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Super Seller program!

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