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Square Register UK & Other US Products

Just curious, I saw on a previous thread that Square is relatively new to the UK market - especially restaurants. However, when I look at the US market Square resides the products available for both retail and restaurant are amazing! I understand as the market develops and new ventures take some time to settle down in but there's a lot of features that restaurants/takeaways like myself need so heavily much to ensure our operation continues and grows bigger everyday.


In particular the Square Register I found brilliant because of it's customer display integration. I refer back to my thread about using the Square Terminal alongside the Square Stand so that customers can see the price total, hence why the register is perfect because well any store you go to has this functionality - a customer display.


I also am very interested in any developments of US products coming over to the UK market, whether it'd eventually be the entire catalogue of features you provide to US customers.


I'm not sure if the market research you guys do for restaurants can be based around what JustEat, Deliveroo, OrderTiger, UberEats and various other directory apps offer as features for customers to order food, especially Deliveroo and JustEat as they've made billions on apps that provide this very tool.


Fortunately, Square is the only tool at the moment which offers the features we need to continue at the moment. There are other services/apps out there which provide the other things Square is missing but they're either too shabby and clunky on design or lack major features that Square has. Obviously the other route is forking out thousands for external developers to build something but I don't think we're ready for that - and hopefully not if Square starts to push for more features that we need.

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Re: Square Register UK & Other US Products

Hi @thecafeguy, thank you for your feedback!


We certainly hope we will be able to bring to the UK all the products and services that are currently available in the US, such as Square Register, Square for Retail and more. When there are more concrete updates, I'll be sure to share it with you!


For restaurant in particular, we understand as well with the current situation, there's a need for more robust features around delivery/services and pickup, so we are also exploring partnership with third-party hardware on this. If there is anything in particular that you're looking for, please let me know - I can feed this back to our team and they can give better suggestions as well. 

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Re: Square Register UK & Other US Products

Hi, totally agree with the comments here about bringing the good stuff Square offers the US market to the UK. We use square across our bricks and mortar stores and on online, an excellent system but it lacks the the little things that drive a business forward which our customers are now expecting from omni-channel retailing. We have been shouting out for the loyalty programme for so long, months if not years. E-gift cards are great but the ability to offer traditional physical gift cards or at least generate a gift code is still in demand,  and the fulfilment part on the online website needs desperately sorting. We are dreading Christmas if there are no improvements here as this will be the crunch with the current pandemic situation (other platforms we use we can fulfil 20x plus the number of orders in the time it takes to fulfil 1 order on the square online system (too convoluted and clunky), it really needs sorting and can we offer a gift receipt for online orders which we can print out, simple stuff but it just doesn't appear here!


Please Square we can't wait forever, we don't see any new innovation landing our way and the direction the high street is heading we need all the help we can otherwise change will have to happen our side, we don't want to, but we have to go with the systems that deliver the best for our customers and our business 😞

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