surcharge / 'add on' modifier for individual items

Hi, this is a feature request. firstly i'm aware of sticky issues around adding [card] surcharges to sales totals, and this is not related to my question.


I need to add a percentage modifier to my products- particularly those that already have several variations.


For example, I sell prints in a range of sizes, and offer a service to add a varnish product to the print, charged at a flat 15% of the print cost. This is because the cost is based on the surface area of the print. For one kind of paper in my POS, I have 20+ sheet and roll options, and adding this surcharge for each iteration is not acceptable... if I add a new paper stock, or worse, make a small adjustment to the base price, this is an incredible amount of work that a very simple modifier would eliminate.


I have other product and service 'add-ons' that are either % or flat $ modifiers.


I can see this in many other applications, for example where someone may have a product with variable sizes but for each of which a 'gold' colour/glaze/tint/print costs $x or %y more.


Does this make sense? I feel like it's potentially a very simple implementation.

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Re: surcharge / 'add on' modifier for individual items


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Re: surcharge / 'add on' modifier for individual items

Hey @uscprint,


Thanks for getting in touch and providing us with such a detailed use-case for this feature. I can see how something like this would be beneficial to the way you operate your business!


It's also an interesting example of how businesses use percentage-based modifiers outside of surcharging - I'm going to pass it to our product development team for consideration.


The workarounds for now would be to:


1) Create dollar based item variations - eg add a "Varnish" variation to each size of print you're selling, assuming the size of print is its own item.


2) You could create a variably priced item called "Varnish" and manually enter the price of this item on a per-transaction basis. As you've pointed out though, this would require additional work and manual calculation to add in each time.


I can't guarantee this is something that will definitely make an appearance in the future, but I'll make sure your story is shared - we want to be considering all possible use-cases for percentage-based modifiers!


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Re: surcharge / 'add on' modifier for individual items

I would like this option too. I have items with add-ons which increase the price of the item. It would be nice to be able to just add the item then select the add-ons to tally the final price. 

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