Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

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So I know back in 2018 there were discussions that square register would eventually enable Bluetooth support for printers. It's now 2020, is this going to be enabled anytime soon? 

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Hey @TonyScoots


Sorry about the frustration. 
The Register actually does have bluetooth hardware capability, but the software access to it hasn't been enabled yet as it's a brand new device and they're still working on getting it at 100%.

So, according to Square Reps, your current Register will work with bluetooth at somepoint.

Here's the thread where it's talked about:


I definitely agree that bluetooth should have been enabled by now, but I do understand that some things take longer than others.

Hopefully they'll flip that switch for us soon and it'll work in a software update in the near future!


If you already have Bluetooth Printers, I can only imagine your frustration.

We use an Ethernet Printer connected to our Router, and a lot of other folks use USB Printers connected to the USB Hub on the register.


What's your current setup? Maybe we can help troubleshoot/come up with an alternative solution or a work around for you



Wow an update! any day or date on when this update will be available, I am going to have to send this back for a full refund! I can’t believe Square has not thought this out before offering it to market. 

Any info on this? 


Hi @TonyScoots


Nothing new on this as of right now unfortunately. Hopefully we can get something rolled out soon, as I know multiple sellers have been waiting for this capability. 

I know the Square register doesn't have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried to use a USB Bluetooth adapter with the new Square register to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner? I really want to move over to the new register, but I need my trusty keyboard with about 2500 products, many of which do not have barcodes, and my wireless barcode scanner to ring up items on the other side of the store.


Hey @BrandonBennick, welcome to the Seller Community!


I went to check on this and we can't guarantee that a USB Bluetooth adapter will work as you've described. Rest assured that I'll be sharing your post with our Hardware Team and point out how having additional keyboard options would be helpful for your item library needs.


If any other sellers with a large number of products have any insight to share on what has worked well, feel free to weigh in!

Thanks for your follow up. I am not planning on trying it out unless someone else on here has had some success with it. I don't even own a Square register yet. I will not be purchasing one until Bluetooth is available in some capacity. I will stick with my iPad + stand set up, despite its slow, continuous degradation. Perhaps I will just upgrade to a newer iPad + stand set up.


@BrandonBennick I understand if the Register isn't right for you yet. If anything changes we'll update this post so that you're notified! 

Is there a Bluetooth scanner that will work with the Square?

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it depends on what way you are running Square POS.  are you using a Square Stand or Square Register or Square Terminal?