Introducing the New Team Management - Designed to Help Your Business Grow!
Introducing the New Team Management - Designed to Help Your Business Grow!
Wonder what's new with Team Management? Check out the Q&A with our product manager!

We hosted a live Q&A session with our product manager, Corey. He answered your questions about all of the new features and changes that you will be seeing with Team Management (formerly Employee Management), and what these changes will mean for you. 




Team Management: We have a new name, new features, and new price designed to help your business grow. 


What's new? 


New Name


Employee Management is now Team Management!


Running a business involves more than employees. It’s a collaborative effort by a team of people- whether they’re using your point of sale to accept payments or signing in to your online Square Dashboard to help you with accounting. We changed Employee Management's name to Team Management to be more reflective of the full team that our sellers hire.


New Features


A few years ago, we released Employee Management to help sellers manage their teams across multiple locations and devices. Since then, we’ve improved and expanded our offerings. We are excited to announce new features and pricing that will help our sellers build their businesses.


Free Team Management


You can now get started for free with Team Management with the following features:


  • Secure sensitive areas of your account and actions
  • Allow your team members to clock in and out of the Square Point of Sale app and track their hours worked with timecards
  • Use Team Permissions to create a team-wide set of permissions across your Square Point of Sale app and/or online Square Dashboard


Using free Team Permissions is recommended for businesses which don’t need to track sales by team member, use advanced time tracking features like multiple wages, or give specific team members different permissions than the rest of the team.


Advanced features with Team Plus


Sign up for Team Plus for $35 per location, per month and you get access to:


  • Unlimited Roles: Create sets of permissions for different team members or groups of team members like Manager, Cashier, and Bartender.
  • Team member sales tracking: Run reports on individual performance by team member to track sales and tips.
  • Multiple wages for team members: Track labor costs for team members with multiple jobs and/or wages at your business.
  • Labor Cost vs. Sales reports: Run advanced reports comparing your labor costs to sales. 


Learn more about getting started with Team Management


New Price


  • Team Permissions is free, and includes one set of permissions for all of your team members
  • Team Plus costs $35 per location, per month for unlimited team roles and advanced features

If you’re currently subscribed to Employee Management and paying $5 per employee, you can opt into the new pricing immediately! If you choose not to, note that all sellers will be automatically moved to the new pricing on Jan 1, 2020.


If you decide up opt in to the new Team Plus pricing now, your new rate will take effect on the first day of the following month.


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