[New Feature] Easily monitor your Loyalty program for suspicious activity
[New Feature] Easily monitor your Loyalty program for suspicious activity

Starting today, Square Loyalty will make it easier for you to track and monitor your program for any suspicious activity to help identify potential fraudulent accounts that may be taking advantage of your program. 


Here is how it will work:


  • If your account is flagged with suspicious activity, you will receive daily email alerts for any Loyalty account that has at least five transactions in one day—their account will be flagged as suspicious activity.
  • View each suspicious account’s total flagged days and total transactions in your Loyalty Dashboard.
  • Take action on suspicious accounts including viewing their activity, adjusting points, or deleting their account. 



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  • Customize your transaction threshold used to send a daily email to you about suspicious activity or choose to turn off the alert completely in your Loyalty settings.  


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You can view any suspicious activity from your online Square Dashboard. If you need additional help feel free to review support center



We hope this will help protect your business from fraudulent activities. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.