Support for new receipt printers! 🖨 🎉
Support for new receipt printers! 🖨 🎉

Hi everyone,


Starting today, we’re adding more supported receipt printers! 🖨  💪  


We’re hoping this gives you some more freedom to choose the printer that works best for your business - whether it’s Star Micronics or Epson, and whether it connects to your device via Bluetooth, Ethernet, or USB.


The following printers are now compatible with the Square Point of Sale app on iOS devices:

  • Epson TM-T20II USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet models
  • Epson TM-m10, this model supports both USB and Ethernet
  • Star Micronics mPop - this Star Micronics model combines both a bluetooth receipt printer and cash drawer

As always, you can read more info about supported hardware in our Support Center.

Thanks again for your feedback about the need for more receipt printing options, and let us know what you think!