[Beta] Join the Square Kiosk beta program for restaurants

Hi Sellers! 👋


The eagerly-awaited Square Kiosk self-serve ordering and payment solution is here! Today, we invite any Square for Restaurants sellers to join our Open Beta. 


  • Keep your labor costs in line — not your diners. 
  • Improve your efficiency by freeing up staff to more deeply engage with guests.
  • Give customers more control to customize their order to their exact preferences.
  • Keep your font-and-back of house in sync with menus that update instantly.


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"Before Square Kiosk, we were using QR code ordering and wanted to reduce the time it took to place an order. People struggle to type 16-digit credit card numbers on their phones and prefer tap-to-pay; today, it's here with Square Kiosk. Our guests can modify multiple items and complete their checkout in under 60 seconds. We plan to add more Kiosks in 2024."  -Erik Göranson, CEO at Recess


Square Kiosk software includes: 

  • Images for menu items & modifiers 
  • Brand customization (logo, colors, and other controls)
  • Time-based menus
  • Control over whether diners are asked to select takeout vs. dine-in
  • Automatic marking of sold out items from the POS and KDS
  • Signup & accrual of points (when paired with Square Loyalty)
  • Mobile enrollment into rewards through iPhone Digital Wallet


Get started easily with:


Try Square Kiosk software for free for a limited time.*


Are you ready to bring the convenience of self-serve ordering to your diners? 

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Please reach out to square-kiosk-beta@squareup.com for any troubleshooting help.

*Sign up now and pay $0/month for Square Kiosk for a limited time. Once the beta program ends, there will be a $50/month/device fee to continue using Square Kiosk. Square’s standard In-person processing fees apply to Kiosk transactions.

Square Champion

Is this US only?


@LukeNieuw Correct, US only to start, with other countries to follow in the coming months!

Square Champion

Can't see it anywhere @emusumano but please tell me there are SMS updates for customers when they order on the kiosk? 

Square Champion

Can you join from the UK?

Beta Member

@pigsnoseinn Its only the USA at this time. @emusumano has said that it would be open to other countries later this year hopefully


@Sam_400º correct, yes! SMS texts for order-placed receipts and order-ready status updates are included with any Square Kiosk subscription. To use this feature well, we recommend pairing Square Kiosk with Square KDS to easily view incoming orders and mark tickets as complete. 

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