Changes to software updates on Square Register and Square Terminal

"Keep your device plugged in and powered on overnight."


We are making changes to how software updates function on Square Register and Square Terminal to improve device performance and reliability. As a result, some software updates may now take longer than they do today.


We never want your business to be disrupted by a software update. To avoid disruptions, we recommend you keep your device plugged in and powered on overnight. Your device will check for and automatically install updates every night at 3am (or, change the time of automatic updates from 3am by going to Settings > Hardware > General > Nightly Reboot). Staying plugged in and powered on overnight keeps your device continuously updated and ready for use. 


If you can’t stay plugged in and powered on overnight, we recommend periodically checking your device for updates, or budgeting time to install critical updates at the start of your day. Go to Settings > Hardware > General > About Register or About Terminal to check for updates.

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I usually power off my register at night...Maybe I should start leaving it on.

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 Hello.  Sorry, but I have to VENT !   It would have been great if an email was sent to let us know you were doing the updates.  I totaly understand the security issues but the CAPTIVA HAS GOT TO GO !  Send me all the codes on my phone all you want but those pictures are the WORST.   Cars, bikes, palm trees and having them in pieces and WHO KNOWS what YOU call a motor scooter or a bike !   I tried to log in this morning with a customer standing there and had to mess with this captiva crap so many times it was terribly frustrating and finally the customer gave me cash and left.  I've been a Square member for almost 7 years and have never had so much trouble I was ready to QUIT !  If this is the NEW update procedure I may just need to find another POS.  I can understand if I'm logging in on a device that is NOT registered or unknown but there MUST be a better way.  pHOTO ID maybe ?  These changes that were made are TERRIBLE ! Ok.... I'm done for now....but NOT happy.

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Square was asleep at the wheel with very low security for the longest time. Then it went overboard with captcha for a normal login followed by 2 factor authentication. It’s way overkill and not thought through. There’s not near enough testing and thought with changes. 

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The last two updates apparently messed up my square terminal. Around July 15, 2:25PM EDT, my terminal made me go through re-registering it with Square. Unfortunately when entering my email address I left the "m" off .com and so all my sales were not visible. Had to jump through hoops with support before I got them credited to my regular Square account and even so I cannot access that day nor Saturday July 16 transaction records. Since I do my own accounting, that ain't good. At least I got the $$ deposited correctly.

Then yesterday morning my employees reported the terminal was again requiring a log-in or creating a new account. When I called support, I had to do a factory reset and then enter all the account information -- verrry carefully this time -- so that it would accept transactions. Luckily there were no pending charges stored in the machine because the hard reset would have wiped them out.

With customers who don't want to pay for the salon services or file friendly fraud chargebacks (which are difficult to dispute nowadays, since some credit card companies don't even supply the name of the customer disputing the charge), internet outages and now Square and its hardware acting up, and in general sales being down 20% due to inflation and recession fears, this is not going to be a good year for us.

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@Ryan_M @Does this apply to Terminal too? I’d love it if so. I always forget to check that one until I need it. 


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The updates are horrible, no notice, no here is the demo for the update, click yes, or no to stay with previous. We just get used to one update that we had no choice but to take, and now another. This is getting very old. also please let us add another number to get the code. 


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I would also appreciate an advanced notice that this was about to take place so we can be prepared. I came to work this morning and my screen is completely different and I cannot get it to keep any of the short cut squares to stay on my page. I am just glad that it was me that opened the store today and not one of my employees who would be VERY lost. Some sort of "Here, this is what you have to look forward to and the option you will now have. Try this demo to see how you will set up your screen." Instead of trying to get it figured out 45 min before you are supposed to open to the public.

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@TheRealChipA Yup, both Square Register and Terminal. 😁

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I appreciate your feedback @13thst and @All4Kids. I will make sure to pass it over to our product team for their visibility and consideration.

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This idea of being plugged in overnight for software updates should have been communicated earlier or we should be offered a choice. Suddenly my terminal is unusable during my business busiest days?? Very poorly thought out on the part of Square.


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I always leave it on and plugged in overnight

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My square register is roughly 3 years old and has gotten so so so much slower over the past year to the point where it is slowing down our check out process. Not the credit card reading but waiting for screens to load. once you click on a customer it takes a while. Typing is slow and glitchy. Does the new register have alot more ram or something to speed this up or what should we do? Or square stand we use in our mobile shop with an ipad is SO much faster and smoother but I like how the register looks

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First, scheduled updates need to be sent as a TEXT or a notice on the devices (during biz hours). Nothing is worse than being caught with your pants down and customers walking in, and you have a deer in the headlights look on your face! Trying to find your crazy Perfect set up, that took you so long to show others into your madness, IT CHANGED! YES, we have a clean slate to start the madness again, BUT now, with the fear of the next update looming! lol 

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So glad to read that we aren't the only ones have HUGE problems with these updates.  It has been a nightmare.  We love Square when it works but we have had to find work around after work around to be able to check our customers out and not look like a bunch of idiots that have no idea what we are doing.  The card reader wouldn't stay connected, the the whole register would constantly go into offline mode until we finally paid our IT guy to come out and run a line to hardwire it into the modem which fixed that issue but we hate the appointments home screen.  The last update was on a Thursday I think going into our busiest time of the week and discounted the cash drawer, printer and removed all our tickets.  If this next update causes us as many headaches I'm not sure we will be able to stay with Square.  The loss of integration with QB, even with whatever has replaced it, has added 8 hours in bookkeeping a month I never had to do.  Fingers crossed if there is another one coming through and as someone pointed out below we need an email on these with some heads up when you are doing these things.  Feels like I get 50 emails a day from Square anyway, can't be that difficult to add another one!

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How do you get rid of the calendar tab. I have no need for it. I have to agree...the iPad is much quicker and easier to use. 

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Terminal keeps "locking up", complete black screen that does not respond to input or powering off and then on. Very frustrating for employees and costly for business as we comp drink orders when our system fails us. Please fix these issues, I receive notices every day from alternative POS options.

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It's hard for us to leave ours on overnight, we work State Fairs and there is no way we would leave our iPads just sitting in our booth unattended.

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This has worked fine for me.

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