[Coming soon] Percentage-based tip pooling

Hi Sellers! 👋


We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to introduce our newest feature, tip pooling by percentage, which will be released in the upcoming weeks. This feature will be available with a Shifts Plus, Restaurants Plus, or Appointments Premium subscription. 


Compensating your team members accurately and equitably is critical to managing, maintaining, and growing a highly performing staff.  We are excited to be bringing you more flexibility so that you can set up your operations in a way that is best for your business.


Pool by percentage across all of your tip-eligible roles

Customize your percentages to ensure that all team members have the ability to earn.


Fair and equitable
Team members in the pool with the same job can earn their fair share based on hours worked that workday or workweek.


Get time back

Get out of the spreadsheets!  This tip pooling method is fully integrated with existing reporting and can be exported directly to payroll for seamless and efficient processing.


This feature can be enabled on the Shifts > Settings >Tips screen.