Improvements to Sales Reports in Square Point of Sale

We want to make it easy for you to manage your business and make informed decisions from anywhere. With improved Sales Reports in the Square POS App, Terminal and Register, you get a valuable snapshot of your business' health and can keep tabs on your sales at a glance. 




Your business' data is important and we want you to get the most out of it. By using improved Sales Reports in your POS, you can gain valuable insights about your sales and customers and make adjustments on the fly.


  • Stay informed with metrics like gross sales, net sales, sales count, and refunds, by date. You can view your sales using simple preset time periods to view the past day, week, month and year, or select your own custom date range from the calendar.








  • View relevant historical comparisons of your sales through easy-to-digest charts and tables. For example, you can see how your sales this week compares to your sales from last week. By analyzing trends in sales volumes over time, you can ensure that your business is healthy.




  • See what your customers are buying with by viewing your 5 best selling items and categories.image8.png


  • Better understand your customer's payment habits by seeing a breakdown of sales by payment methods (e.g., card, cash, gift card).




Get started with new Sales Reports in Square Point of Sale:


  1. Tap: image5.png on your device or the down arrow at the top of the Square Register.
  2. Tap Reports > Sales to see today’s payment activity or tap 1W, 1M, 3M or 1Y to view and compare sales from those time periods. 
  3. To view a custom timeframe, tap image9.png and use the calendar to select the date range you would like to view.

To learn more about Sales Reports including steps on how to generate custom reports, visit our Support Center.

Super Seller

love the improvments.  Now I can get most of the information I had to go to the dashboard for.

Beta Member

Fantastic improvements.  Love it!  Much more useful and consistent with dashboard.

Beta Member

I would like to see the percent comparison numbers to also show a numerical comparison.  i.e. ^25 transactions compared to last week, ^$465.78 from last tuesday, etc.

Is it possible to allow multiple mobile users to see only their sales data and reports using this new feature? To date, we have been buidling our own dashboard app to show this data to individual reps. We want to avoid showing global data to end users, and we also want to avoid allowing users to see their colleagues sales data. Thanks for continuing to innovate on a great platform! @katieand 


Thanks Square for these reporting improvements.  But when will you add the ability to enter the wholesale cost of an item so we can accurately determine net profits?  This should be a BASIC feature of any retail software.  We should not have to subscribe to a 3rd party service or upgrade to Square Retail for this feature.

Keep up the great improvements Square! 

Being able to effectively and efficiently understand my business makes my job much easier. 

I do not like some of the changes, I have Multiple Units out at the same time. I used to be able to track sales for each unit by the employee name under transactions. I used this function every day. How do I track individual sales when multiple units are out at the same time?

Really like the new improvements, great for a quick glance comparison and much easier to check day, week, month, 3month and yearly stats.


Thank you!


@rwalters At this time it's not possible to set up this report in such a way that team members see only their sales data — with Team Management when you give a team member the View Reports permission they will be able to view all team members' sales from the report. I've shared your feedback with the team and I can see how useful this would be, thank you! 


In the meantime, you could try giving your team the View all Transactions permission instead. That way they will only see their own sales from the Transactions section of the app (and they won't be able to see anything from the Sales Report section). It's not a report, but it might help your team to keep track of their sales. 


 @KonaIceMike You can filter the Sales Report by team member:

  1. On a tablet tap the filter icon at the top of the screen/on a mobile device tap the date at the top of the screen. 
  2. Scroll down and tap All Devices.
  3. Scroll down again to Filter By Team Member > tap All Team Members > tap the name of the team member to view their sales. 

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions let me know or if you're having any trouble viewing details of the report you need let me know.  

Hey @Helen ! Thanks so much for your confirmation that I'm not missing something and that the feature just doesn't exist at this time. Much appreciated!


I'm happy you've shared it with the team as I see great value in the ability to provide easy to consume sales data to each individual. I think the benefits to the user are many, including self-motivation, evaluation of performance, and measuring ongoing trends to allow for better agility within the individual's approach to sales. Our goal is to provide a simple to consume set of KPIs for each user to review whenever they prefer.





No problem Ryan, sorry for any confusion and thanks for understanding!

Keep the feedback coming, it's really helpful as we consider how to make even more improvements to this report. 📈

Beta Member

big plus 1 on reporting on percentages of sales. Values are good, but they don't really inform breakdown on sales, unless you do the math on the side

Very much looking forward to checking out this app... thank you for the update.

Even after talking to Square help, i can't seem to filter out sensitive information on the ipad we all use in the cafe, including capital and my bank information.  

How do I see my sales this time of year vs 

last year at this time? I don’t want all of last year sales Vs. this year up to date.


Agree with the several other respondents that we would like the ability to not have sensitive info available to every employee whose role includes touching the iPad.


In addition, we would like to be able to choose to view Gross Sales or Net Sales in trend reports. Currently trend reports only offer Gross Sales as a metric. And there are times when we have an outlier sales event that makes such trend reporting irrelevant, or a shift in purchasing habits from marked down merchandise to full price merchandise. We have had more than one month this year where our Gross Sales are down 2-4% from 2018 but our Net Sales are up 3-5%.


Thank you for your comments @Simplysusanne @4GB @Uwil68 @OmegaFrog, I've shared your feedback with the Team Management team. It sounds like a more detailed version of the View Reports permission would help here so you can decide exactly which employess can view each report.


In the meantime, if you want to prevent employees from viewing the sales report  you can remove the View Reports permission from that team members role or from the Team Permissions role. Updating that setting will prevent employess from seeing all reports from your device.


@Amysti If you tap the arrow icon in the top right you can select either Same Day Previous Week, Same Day Previous Year or Yesterday.


@DugIn Please go ahead and call our CS team —  they will be able to review your account and help you set up the correct permissions for your adminstrator and your employees are correct! 

@Helen Thanks for the responses. Yes restricting report viewing for team is helpful advice.  “Todays Sales” and sales on “This Device Only” are really all the employees need to see. That way they can track their sales and work towards goals etc.  I don’t really see the point of merging the Dashboard App functionality into the POS register app? This all in one approach would really only benefit single-owner businesses who didn’t want an extra app on their phone.  But what’s done is done. My suggestion is to continue adding report features to the dashboard app, which is its sole function.  Look at what you can do and see in the desktop version that you can’t do in the mobile app and close that gap.  Thanks ! Ps I’ve stuck with square despite cheaper pricing from other processors, because I like your software platform the best. 🙂


Thank you @SoulSurfer! That's great feedback for our Reporting teams.


We appreciate your support! 😊

@Helen but i want to see only last year Jan- now vs all of last year. 

The new report has removed Tips from the POS report as well as my final daily sales report I get via email.  How can I get tips put back in my report?


@OmegaFog I also wanted to add that you can filter the Gross or Net Sales graphs by tapping the 3 dots to the right of the graph. Or were you referring to something else when you said 'trend report'?  


@Amysti When you select the 1Y (one year) view that report is automatically compared to the year previous. But I'll share your request to be able to view custom timeframes in this report with the team. 


@TheBTR You should be able to see your Tips in this report. When you open the report tap the 3 dots to the right of Sales Summary Details > then tap Show Details. You should see Tips as a line item on your report. If that's not included in the emailed report please call our CS team so we can take a closer look. 


Beta Member

Touching on someone else’s comment:


The report does not update automatically anymore, and more annoyingly, not for the date.  The first time I view the report in a day, I have to first pull down on the screen to refresh the report, then I am able to use the icon to change the date to today’s date, rather than yesterday, and then I am finally able to view the info. 


Auto refresh  is an absolute must, there is no reason I ever want to go in there and look at out-of-date info, and it is confusing to my employees (who also now have access to way too much info, as others have commented as well). 

@Helen hey as others have mentioned I tried your fix with team permissions but it locks out the entire reports tab which we need to track/report daily sales. Is there a work around short of team members adding up item sales ? 


Also for the love of Ron Burgundy, PLEASE add cash drawer management to mobile phones. Allow multiple devices logged into the same account to track the same drawer.  But solve the reports issue first. Thanks !  


@RoasterChica I'm really sorry to hear about the disruption this has caused. I would encourage you to keep in touch with our CS team so we can make sure Team Permissions functions as it should for you. 


Thank you @straycatbrew, that is great feedback for the Reports team - I agree that automatically refreshing the report is important. 


@SoulSurfer Unfortunately there isn't a workaround - if your employees have the View Reports permission they'll be able to view all team members sales from the report. We're hearing this feedback from other sellers too so if a more granular reports permission is available in future we'll announce it. I've started a separate thread to track comments from sellers who need a report that shows just the tips earned during a shift.


Thank you again to everyone for the great comments and feedback! 

While it is good to see the top items sold.  When I am looking at the sales reports during the day I often preferred the listing by category and item.  My top items are almost the same,  The information I am looking for and acting on is items that is being sold in lessor quantities.  I cannot look alphabetically or by category. I have to look through items by top sales.

Square Community Moderator

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing. The ability to customize your reports a little more and view your sales in more flexible ways is a great feature request. You are always able to filter your items by category, but I see what you are saying that you may want more than that from time to time. 


I have shared your thoughts with our Development Team and thanks again for taking the time to share this. 

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