[New] Close of Day Reports Plus More Support for Cash Tips on Square Register


Hi Sellers!


Smart operators are always looking for better reporting features. I’m happy to announce that Close of Day reports are now available on Square Register. We wanted to make it easier for you to declare cash tips, close cash drawers, and adjust tips from the Close of Day report preview. 


This means that you can run the Close of Day report to quickly understand the performance of your business each day with important information such as total cash and card tips, net sales, category sales, and more. Until recently, this was only available on iOS. We know many of you are busy and this report can help you work smarter and make it easier to identify opportunities to grow your business. Our hope is that it can help give you some precious time  back to do more of the things you love. 


On Square Register your staff members can also declare their cash tips from the Shift Report or Close of Day without having to clock out. This allows your staff to seamlessly declare cash tips throughout their shifts. These tips are included in the Close of Day report to provide you with a consolidated view of the amount collected that day. 


You can learn more about Close of Day here. You can enable cash tip tracking in Square Dashboard -> Shifts -> Settings -> Tips.





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