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Hello Sellers, 


Sourcing and selling new items is a fundamental part of your business that takes careful thought and energy — but creating those items on any of your devices should be quick and easy. That’s why we’ve brought our Auto Create functionality to your Square Register making creating new items faster and easier in more places.


Now you can scan a barcode or search by name or GTIN to create items in your item library across your Square Register, Square for Retail iOS app, and in your Square Dashboard.


Ways to auto create new items:


  • Scan a barcode
    Quickly create new items and variations by scanning your item’s barcode with your connected barcode scanner. 


  • Search by name or GTIN
    Begin typing in your item’s name in the search bar to easily view a list of suggested items complete with item details. 

How it works

  1. On your Square Register go to your Item library and select Create Item and simply begin by scanning the barcode of the item you wish to create. 
  2. If you do not have a connected barcode scanner, you can begin by clicking the Auto create button to search for the item by name or GTIN to review a list of suggested items that may be a match. 
  3. To create new item variations, select Add variation and scan the barcode of your item again using your barcode scanner.




Note, only items with pre-existing GTIN’s can be searched — unique or custom items will not appear.


We hope searching and scanning to auto create items on your Register makes adding new items to your catalog quick and easy so you have more time to spend finding items your customers will love. 


Learn more in Square's Support Center.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments below!


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Super Seller

Great update when you're working with more popular brands. 

Owner of Jackie's Uniquely U Boutique
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Beta Member

Hi! I really hope you can help me! I am desperate to get this feature working on our register. We were able to auto create items for about a week and the feature disappeared. How can I get this going again? Thanks!

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Hi @bbsd apologies for the slow response. Are you still encountering issues with using this feature? 

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Beta Member

Hi yes I am still having issues. I am unable to auto-create an item with my retail register. I can only auto-create through the dashboard on my computer. I spoke to 2 different people and 1 said I should be able to do it on the register and another said I need to have a retail plus subscription. Any help is appreciated!!

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Hi @bbsd, Auto Create Items is available on both Retail Free and Plus! Are you using the Retail POS app on your Register instead of the standard Square POS? Auto Create is only available on the Retail app so that may be why you don't see it? 

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Beta Member

I am using the register POS.. how do I download the app from it? When I search the add-ons I don't see it?

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Hi @bbsd apologies for the late response here. Here are the steps to log into your Register with Square for Retail:
1. Sign out
2. Sign back in with either your device code or Username and Password 
3. Select "Square for Retail" from the app selector page

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Is there a way to turn this option off? It is horrendous. When I create a new item in the retail app I put an item name into the name field which is simple and on the items package front. Then I scan the barcode into the gtin and make a sku. Before adding price info I have to go back and delete all the crap that you added into the item name field that cannot possibly fit onto a price label and re enter the name I used. It is very annoying and increases the time it takes to add items. I need to turn this off, it does not do it on the pc dashboard but I am not always adding items there.

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Beta Member

SAME!  This option may work for some items, but not for most of mine. My catalog set up is not compatible with this and I'd like to turn off the auto-details. As it is, like the OP, I have to enter my info, save the item and go back to add the upc OR add everything in at once but go back and delete all the Auto-Detail info...usually it doesn't delete on the first attempt and I end up saving and going back to delete. Being able to scan in the upc code is helpful instead of typing it in for every product and chancing a mistake when we add at the register but the auto add needs a "shut-off" option.

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Super Seller

@Ryan_M ;

I went to scan an item that was not in my Square Catalog and it asked if I wanted to auto create this item but would only save it as a GTIN.  So I went to add it as a SKU and it also would not scan. Before I could choose if this was a GTIN or a SKU. This was on a Square Stand using Square for retail 6.29.1.  Since I use automated tools to get my sales and reports to Quickbooks I use SKU's for this to link the items.  So when an item pops up as a GTIN, I also scan the Barcode into the SKU field which Square is not letting me do on the Stands anymore.  Not sure if this made to do this or if this is a bug.  

Pocono Candle

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Candlestore - Thanks for posting here on the Square Seller Community👋


I reached out to the Square for Retail Product Team and they let me know that if you select the SKU field, it will populate it with the scanned information. They also provided this video to display the flow.

I hope this information is helpful but please do let me know if you have any additional questions.

Community Moderator, Square
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