[New] Document Uploads in Team App

Hi sellers, 👋


We’re excited to announce document uploads in Team App! Now your team members can upload documents to their profile in Team App, which you and your managers can then see in your Square Dashboard. As with the existing team member documents feature on Dashboard, this feature is included with Team Communication, Shifts Plus, Square for Restaurants Plus, Square for Retail Plus, and Square Appointments Premium.


Here’s how it works:

  • Team member experience
    Team members can upload documents by navigating to More → Profile → My documents in the Square Team App.

  • Account owner and manager experience
    As with the existing team member documents feature, you’ll find documents in a team member’s profile on Dashboard by navigating to Staff & payroll → Team → Team members, selecting a team member, and selecting “Documents”. There you’ll see all documents uploaded by you, managers with team member document permissions, and that team member themselves. As a reminder, documents uploaded on Dashboard remain visible to you and managers with permissions only—they are not visible to the team member.

As a valued member of the Square community, we would like to invite you to start using this feature. Your feedback will be instrumental in continuing to improve team member documents and related features to better suit your needs.


Your team members can start uploading documents at any time in Team App, and you’ll find them on Dashboard as described above. You can also visit our Support Center to learn more about how the team member documents feature works.


document upload app.png



Q: Can I share documents with team members through Team App? 

A: We do not currently support sharing documents with your team members through this feature.


Q: What kinds of documents should team members upload?

A: Team members can upload any documents that are relevant to your business. Examples of documents include: copies of identification, filled in goal worksheets or other job growth documentation, and certifications like food safety certifications or bartending licenses.


Q: Where are the documents that team members upload stored? Who can see them? 

A: Any documents that a team member uploads are stored in the “Documents” section of the team member’s profile in Square Dashboard. Documents uploaded by the team member will be viewable by you as the business owner, as well as any team members with team member document permissions. Any documents uploaded through Square Dashboard (not by the team member themselves) will remain private to you and any team members with team member documents permissions only.