[New] Integration with Sendowl - simple and easy way to fulfill digital goods with Square Online

SendOwl has been on a mission to help people sell digital goods in a better way. SendOwl allows for quick setup and selling of digital products and offers a range of features, including fast and secure deliveries, PDF-stamping, drip emailing, streaming, reports, analytics, and much more. 

With SendOwl, Square merchants can create and sell various digital products such as PDFs, ebooks, online courses, music, videos, game codes, and event tickets via Square Online. 


Linking Square products from SendOwl

Here's how to link your Square product to a SendOwl product, working from your SendOwl dashboard.




Linking a SendOwl product

If you already have a SendOwl product and you are ready to link it to one of your Square products, then it couldn't be simpler. Head to the products page in your SendOwl dashboard.


Select the "Sell" button next to the desired SendOwl product listing:


sendowl 1.png


From there, click the 'Square' tab:


sendowl 2.png

 Finally, select the Square product to which you want the SendOwl product linked and then click 'Done':


sendowl 3.png


That's it. Now, when someone purchases the linked product from your Square checkout, SendOwl will deliver the file to your buyer.



Integrating Square with your SendOwl account

If you sell using Square, you can add the SendOwl app to deliver your digital content to your Square buyers.


Here are some reasons you might like to use the SendOwl app on Square:


"I want to securely sell my ebooks, online classes, and other digital products through my Square account and Square checkout"


"I sometimes want to sell my digital products in places outside SendOwl."


Connecting your Square account

The first step is to integrate your Square account with your SendOwl account.


Head to the settings page and click the "Square settings" link.


On going to the "Square settings" page, click the "Connect your Square account" button:


sendowl 4.png



On logging in, read the permissions that SendOwl requires to sync with your Square orders and securely deliver your digital content:


sendowl 5.png



On clicking "Allow", you will be returned to your SendOwl account and the connection will be confirmed:


sendowl 6.png


Now your SendOwl account is linked to your Square account and you are now ready to link your SendOwl products to your Square products.


Read more about that simple process in this article: Linking Square products from SendOwl.

Square Champion

Wow, that is going to make selling digital products so easy! 


Square Champion

This just might come in handy.  We're in the early phases of creating an online community..subscription based, where we wanted to have different tiers with a few of our digital products being for sale.  Going to look into this!!!!  So excited 🙂

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