[New] Square for Restaurants mobile POS

Good day Sellers! 👋

We’re excited to announce the launch of Square for Restaurants mobile POS, which brings you the ability to take table-side orders and payments with Square for Restaurants on Square Terminal (and soon to the new Restaurant Mobile POS kit).


How does this help you?

  • Turn tables faster and increase server efficiency with intuitive tableside ordering and payments.
  • Give your servers more time to interact with their diners and provide best-in-class service.
  • Keep tabs on your VIPs with up-to-the-minute diner preferences, order history, and server notes.
  • Keep service running smoothly with your staff always in the know of what’s selling and what’s about to sell out.
  • Keep diners safe with the flexibility to order and pay how they want.
  • Get orders out quickly and accurately with tableside, curbside, online, and delivery orders streamlined on one powerful handheld device.
  • Keep your kitchen efficient and your line cooks and expeditors in sync with the ability to course, fire, sequence, and throttle orders accurately based on prep time and order source.
  • Keep lines moving, and empower your servers to take orders on the go. Completely eliminate the back and forth from the table to the countertop POS. 


Frankie DiCarlatnonio of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group says diners ordered additional rounds of alcohol due to the speed of ordering and preparation, resulting in a 22% increase in alcohol sales since implementing the use of a tableside POS.


“With the layout of our restaurant, Mobile POS is saving a lot of physical steps, which has increased staff satisfaction and alleviated some of the stress on their positions,” says DiCarlantonio. “We're seeing a lot of additional efficiency in our operations because our staff are spending more and more time on the floor rather than out of reach putting in orders.”

  • Frankie DiCarlatnonio




How to Set Up your Square for Restaurants mobile POS?

Square for Restaurants mobile POS is currently available on Square Terminal. 

If you need additional handheld devices for your team, visit the Square Shop to order more Square Terminals or to get notified about the Mobile POS kit (coming soon). Keep an eye on the Seller Community for updates, as well.




What is the pricing for Restaurants Mobile POS?

Sellers will need either the free 30-day trial or the paid subscription of Square for Restaurants Plus in order to use Restaurants mobile POS. The Square for Restaurants Free plan does not allow sellers to use the mobile POS.


Sellers can use Square for Restaurants mobile POS on unlimited handheld devices for $0 per month until January 15, 2023* as long as they have a Restaurants Plus subscription. After the promotional period ends, sellers will be charged $50 per month per location to use Square for Restaurants mobile POS on unlimited devices - this will be on top of their Square for Restaurants Plus subscription. 


If you need additional handheld devices for your team, visit the Square Shop to order more Square Terminals or the Mobile POS kit (coming soon).


*Limited Time Offer: Until 1/15/23, use Square for Restaurants mobile POS software on unlimited handheld devices for $0.  A $50 per month per location fee applies starting on 1/16/23.  Terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer valid through 1/15/2023 11:59pm PST. Eligible sellers will receive $0 per month pricing for using unlimited Square Terminal and Restaurant Mobile POS kit devices within the US during the promotional period, inclusive of all fees and taxes, and will then be automatically migrated to the standard $50 per month upon conclusion of the promotional period, unless the seller elects to opt out of using the product. All sellers will be notified via email prior to the end of the promotional period with the option to opt-out before being migrated to standard pricing. To avail yourself of this offer, activation of the Square for Restaurants Plus plan is required. You must be signed into your own account. Square reserves the right to modify, revoke, or cancel the offer at any time. Void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, and non-transferable.





Are there any features with Square for Restaurants not supported on Square Terminal? 

The following features are unavailable on Square Terminal but are coming soon:

  • Reopening closed checks
  • Splitting checks by item





For more information on Square for Restaurants mobile POS, check out these resources:


How will this new feature help your business? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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