[New] Website Customization Features with Square Online: Full Height Banners

Hi Sellers! 👋


At Square Online, we have launched a number of features to help you bring a new level of brand expression to your site to enforce your brand, engage customers, and drive conversions.


We are excited to announce full-height banners, now available to add to your site. Full-height banners dynamically update to take over the full screen in any browser - from mobile to desktop. The banner will also remain the full height of the screen despite resizing the browser window. 


Full height banners can also be applied to multiple slider banners and can feature a static image or video.  


This is a great moment to grab a visitor's attention and reinforce your brand with an eye-popping image, headline, or logo.




Add a full-height banner to your site in the Square Online website editor > go to the main banner on the home page > select “same height as browser.” 


Try it in the editor

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