What is your most memorable experience with a customer? πŸ’­

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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far! πŸŒ»Today, we're wondering....


What is your most memorable experience with a customer? Was it a great experience? A frustrating experience? What did you learn from it? 



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Cannot wait to read the replies! πŸ€“πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

Isabelle ✨ she/her

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Probably the time I got a message from across the world in Minnesota, US, asking me to come and shoot thousands of miles from home.... that was the day I decided to add UK to my social media bios πŸ˜‚ I mean at least they must've thought my photos were cool! πŸ˜Žβœ¨

Matt - He/They
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Probably a bit far for the fly out cost alone!

Aaron Weiss
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Toward the end of 2019, I was on my way to ending an extremely long week, it seemed like it would have been easier to sleep at the shop to just save time.  As I was turning the lights off, well passed my hours, a truck pulls in. I wasn't so much annoyed, more so just beat down. You know the feeling right? 

I spoke with this customer for about 10 minutes. he saw that I was exhausted and didn't want to take much of my time up, but wanted to give me his name and number. He had about 5 trucks that needed Bedliners and undercoating. (I get my fair share of tire kickers, so I wasn't holding my breathe) but told.him I'd give him a call on Monday and we can figure out some dates and times and move forward.


A year and a half later and 7 vehicles in this customer and I have become pretty good friends, swapping work with one another, business ideas and simple favors. So all in all turned out to be a rewarding experience. 

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I try my best to be this customer at every business whenever I can. Making sure business owner or employee currently working is in the right head space is key. It sounds like this person understood that you were tired and acted appropriately. Being an empathetic customer is as important as being an empathetic business owner.

Aaron Weiss
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Super Seller

It's happened a couple times, but I love doing a big reveal for clients. There's something about a great new haircut and/or color that really has the ability to completely transform someone's mood and persona. 

Last month, I had a guest come in because she was going to be donating her hair that day. She came in very timid and quiet (obviously...what a change!!). By the time she left, she was smiling from ear to ear, whipping her hair off her shoulders, and even giving a little attitude in the post-service photo shoot I do with all of my clients. 

Fast forward to this month, she's referred 6 guests my way and is still thrilled with her haircut. 


Moments like those make me love what I do even more. 

Hair Designer

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Amazing story - 6 referrals is no joke too! Getting a haircut or any sort of style change can be a very emotional experience, glad that you're able to find joy in your work in moments like these.

Aaron Weiss
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