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A new and improved Customer Directory


We recently launched a number of new features to the Customer Directory designed to help you organize, manage, and engage with your customers more easily. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new, and how to use it.


  1. See more customer data at-a-glance with the new design
  2. Create custom Smart Groups with new filters
  3. Send a Direct Message right from a profile
  4. View & respond to Feedback in the Point of Sale


Tell us what you think in the comments, and let us know how else we can make Square Customer Directory more helpful for your business. Try out all the new features in your online Square Dashboard.



1. A new design provides more customer data at-a-glance


The Directory has been updated to make it easier for you to view and manage your customer profiles. Highlights include:


  • A full-width view, showing more customer records on the screen, and more information about each customer.
  • Customizable columns: choose which columns to make visible, and sort records by the column of your choice.
  • The ability to select multiple customers at once, so sellers can more easily add them to groups or delete them from the directory.
  • Group creation and selections now reside in a dedicated group dropdown menu, giving you more screen space to view the members of each group.

 Columns And Sorting Zach Account.gif




2. New filters for creating custom Smart Groups


With the new filter menu, you can identify groups of customers who meet various criteria. For example, customers who visited in the last 30 days, those who’ve left you Feedback, or those participating in your Square Loyalty program.


Filters can be added together to better parse and understand your customers. There’s no limit on how many can be added together, and as filters are added or edited, the Directory indicates how many customers fit the selected criteria.


Once you’ve found the view you want, click “Save Filter” to create a custom Smart Group, which will add and remove customers from the group automatically. So over time, you’ll always have a list of your most recent customers, most frequent customers, and more.


We’ll be adding more filters in the future, so if there are any that would benefit your business, let us know in the comments!


Add filters to view customers who meet certain criteria.Add filters to view customers who meet certain criteria.


Save filtered groups as Smart Groups.Save filtered groups as Smart Groups.
3. Send a Direct Message right from a profile


From within an individual profile, you can now send a private, direct one-on-one email to customers, and keep a record of the conversation in your Directory.


This is a great customer service tool for when you need to follow-up on an order, or let a customer know they left something in your store.


You are able to message any customers that have an email on file, either one that you’ve added to the Directory, or that Square has access to via digital receipts.


*NOTE: These messages should not be used for unsolicited marketing emails. Learn more about Square Marketing and CAN-SPAM act compliance.



"Send Message" appears in individual profiles."Send Message" appears in individual profiles.





4. View & respond to Feedback in the Point of Sale

With the release of Point of Sale version 4.65 (on both Android and iOS - make sure your app is up to date), you can now view and respond to Feedback within the app:


  • Feedback appears within the Customers section, under Messages.
  • Any new messages are bold and have a blue dot next to them.
  • As with the your online Dashboard, you may reply directly to customer feedback, or issue a refund or coupon with your responses.
  • A history of Feedback from individual customers appears in their profile, in the Activity List section.


04_Feedback in POS 1.PNG



04_Feedback in POS 2.PNG




Square Customer Directory helps busy sellers understand each of their customers, so they can provide the best customer service experiences possible. Automated tools collect and organize customer information, providing a 360 degree view of each customer from within the Point of Sale or the online Dashboard.

If you haven't done so already, visit your Directory today and feel free to ask us any questions here in the community!


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Like the new changes! It looks like replying to feedback from the ipad allows me to add a coupon with the message. Every time I reply on the dashboard on my computer it makes me send the coupon separate from the message - like two separate messages basically. 

Also, the new email the customer from directory feature is nice. Would love to be able to send a coupon then too. I don't think the customer should have to send feedback for me to be able to send them a coupon. Maybe I just want to say extra thanks to a great customer once in awhile, or I had a nice convo with someone and want to send them a few bucks towards their next purchase... 


Otherwise, good work. Keep up with the updates!



Message 2 of 13

Thanks for the feedback @ScoopDevlle, we're glad to hear you like the new changes! And appreciate your comments on the coupon functionality within Feedback, as well as how and why you'd like that for direct messaging as well. We'll share this with the product team and consider it for future improvements. Thanks again!

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Please help me.

"Added by Square" often shows people who are new to my store or have purchased using a different card than before. First name and last inital are not helpful.

In the older interface, I could look up "date added" and backtrack from there to see who this person is, to "merge" with an existing contact.

Please help me figure out who "Kimberly S." is, AND bring back the "date added" feature.





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Hey @Stellar732, thanks for pointing this out.


If you head over to your Directory tab and refer to the "Created" column, or select the customer and scroll down to the "Activity" section where it says "Customer Since" — are you able to find the information you need there?


If this doesn't clear things up, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team directly and they'll have a closer look.


In the meantime, I'll share your post with the appropriate team members — we'll circle back this thread with any other updates.

️ Tom | he/him
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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@Tom @XtinaDam

They all say Created "22 days ago." 

All 529 customers.

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Hi @Stellar732 thank you for raising this -- that doesn't sound right at all. I'm sharing this with our engineering team to investigate and see if we can figure out why the data for each profile doesn't appear right. 

Message 7 of 13

Is there any progress? All my contacts are still saying they've been originated the day the update was made. 

Message 8 of 13

Hi @Stellar732, thank you for following up on this.


As I know you've experienced first hand, we've had some data issues with the 'Created' column that appears in the list view that are still in the process of being resolved. 


However, if you are looking for the most recent customer records, you should be able to sort by the 'Last Visited' column to view your customers in order of most recent transaction to oldest transaction. To sort, just click on 'Last Visited' in the dashboard. 


Let us know if this workaround helps. Thank you for the comments!

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I like to reward customers who shop with me often, and who have been with me since the beginning. I've had customer engagement since the first week you've offered it. I WOULD LIKE TO ACCURATELY MAINTAIN MY CUSTOMER FILES. I don't see why this is such an issue. 

Am I the only one this is happening to?

To say that this is frustrating is an understatement. 


Message 10 of 13

I'm really sorry for the frustration on this, @Stellar732. I can definitely see where you are coming from. I know that @XtinaDam is working diligently to get this resolved.


I'll touch base with her again today. Please hang in there. 

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I'd LOVE for Square to hookup with Yelp or Google, so that customer reviews can display on their sites. 

Message 12 of 13

Welcome to the Community @CustomHealth!


We'll definitely bring this up to our Product Team to track feedback on this feature request!

Puka - She/They
Seller Community UX Designer
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