How to delete split transactions?

A customer wanted to split a transaction.  He wanted to put $300 cash as the first payment and remaining $100 to pay later.  He wanted a receipt for the $300. So, I didn't know how to do it. So, I tried 3 times by spliting the transaction.  Then, I got 3 transactions with $400 for each transation.  How do I delete these errornous transactions?  I read many threads that there is no deletion function in Square, but only refund.  But how do I do the refund with splited transactions?  Here is what I have.


Transaction 1: $400 (errornous)

Transaction 2: $400 (errornous)

Transaction 3: $400 (only received $300)


Thank you!

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Re: How to delete split transactions?

So transactions 1 and 2 you will need to find and refund them.  In the Square Point of Sale app go to menu transactions, find the transaction and click Issue Refund.  That will take care of those two.


Now with the 3rd one.  You say split transaction but that is not a thing.  You can do split payment but that assumes you collected the total payment at time of sale so in this case $300 on card and $100 in Cash?...  this is not disigned for paying part now and the rest later...  From what you say you didn't collect $100 of the transaction


You can however select Incoive as the payment option.  This will then let you take a "Deposit"  (your $300 in this case) and then they can pay the rest later based on the date you set.  

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