Improve the signature screen and sale closing process

Many of my customers are having a hard time seeing/reading the total they are being charged.  Is there a way to enlarge the total on the signature screen?


Many of my customers accidently touch the "done signing"  button with the heel of their palm while signing, and the signature is incomplete.  Please relocate that button to the top of the signature screen.


Lastly, the "All Done!" screen is misleading. If a receipt is wanted, it needs to requested at that point, so the customer is not really "all done".  It would be much better if that screen said "Receipt Requested?", then when that was resolved, "All Done!"

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Re: improve the signature screen and sale closing process

The button placement has been an issue for years and years.  They did rework it some a year or 2 ago but the buttons are still at the bottom.  I do agree also that quite a few of the steps in the checkout process are confusingly written like the all done, or when splitting a payment and the receipt screen coming up not explicitly saying to finish this to get the next part (I can’t remember exactly what it says). 

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Re: improve the signature screen and sale closing process

I don't know which system you're using, but we have the Square Register and the customer facing display seems to be very well designed.  The only issue I've noticed with some of our customers is that many don't seem comfortable with signing with their fingers.  I would like to find a stylus that will work with that screen, but we've checked out several and none have worked.

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Re: improve the signature screen and sale closing process

@GlassDale Some sellers have found the following styluses effective with Square Register - hope this helps! 


Stylus single-pack 
Stylus multipack


We've also just shared some more information about Products to Help you take Payments on our Business Resources board.

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Signature line barely visible

Just noticed today on a Rebel 4 that the signature line was barely visible for some reason. I do keep the tip option on but always have. I don't really want to remove the tip line option, but the client couldn't really sign today. 

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Re: Signature line barely visible

Hey @NaturesX. Welcome to the Community!


I moved your post to a discussion board where other sellers were going over their issues with the signature screen.


Your phone in particular isn't listed on our Compatibility Page but that would usually only affect hardware used with it.


I'd recommend raising the brightness on it perhaps to see if that helps?

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