Partial Printful integration?

Hello, this may be a dumb question, but I've been reading the boards and googling and I'm more confused than I was before ugh.


I've had an online Square store for 4 years and I've always done my own merch and shipped most of it myself (except for art prints which drop ship from the printers) but now I want to outsource my mugs and apparel for online orders to Printful. However, I went to connect my store to Printful, and the pop up kinda made me nervous when it said they can change your item listings etc. and access all your order information. So I haven't connected yet. So my question is this:


If you integrate with Printful, are you handing over your whole web listings to them? I do not want all my products through Printful. I love my current giclee printer so I want to keep using them plus I still want to ship my own cards/stickers/magnets etc. Is this possible? I really don't understand how the integration works.


Also I have a brick and mortar shop too ... can Printful mess around with those item listings in my Square inventory too? I'm so confused by the integration warning that comes up.



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I integrated ours with Printful and had no issues. It needs those permissions to put created items into your Square inventory, and to be able to pull sales on those items to fulfill. 


That said, we also run a physical shop and because what's POD and what's physically in-stock and shipping from us is invisible to the customer, it made fulfillment so messy that after a couple of weeks I unplugged it. 


It seems like Printful is great for a fully POD catalogue, but there are some challenges between it and Square in mixed fulfillment. 


Just my 2¢. 

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