Square Online Vs Square Dashboard

I have a food truck that has a QR code to order online. I don't have anyone working the window taking orders so the online store is the primary customer path. We are updating our menu from the Square Dashboard, but not seeing the updates come through on the website. I think this is because we have made some edits to Square Online that are overriding the hierarchy of the square dashboard info. This is for things like Modifier text and the order that modifiers show up. My question is, will Square Online default to Square Dashboard if I reset my Square Online store? Can I simply reset/wipe my online store, and if the Square Dashboard is organized correctly it will revert to that in the absence of any Square online changes?   

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HI, there is a known Square sync issue.  When adding items within the busiest time of the day, the sync / lag will be longer.  Best advice, add items on the Online Dashboard, not the Square Dashboard, they sync faster.  

Hope This Helps!
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