Why will Square not send checkout reminder of rewards available?



I have never quite understood why no reminders pop-up for a customer when they have a loyalty reward to redeem at checkout. I often don't remember, nor have to time to go in and check every single person's reward status. Why is this not an already offered feature? It pops up after check out? why not before if they have a reward available?

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @dalyskinandbody. You're able to see if your customer has a reward to redeem at the beginning of the checkout process. Sounds like you might need to adjust the steps taken before you get to the end of checkout?


  1. Type in a Loyalty customer's phone number at the beginning of the sale and add that customer to the sale
  2. Add items to transaction
  3. Click on the customer's name at the top of the checkout screen. At the bottom of the transaction page you'll see Loyalty and it will say "Rewards Available" if they have redeemable rewards.
  4. Select that tab and then you'll see the option to Redeem for your customer.



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