Celebrating Sellers for International Women’s Day: Doran, Haute Beauty Guide

Meet @Doran -- the owner of Haute Beauty Guide, offering a range of skincare treatments, lash extensions, and more in Monterey California. Learn how Doran built a business out of her hobby and don't miss her top tip for budding business owners. 


Doran, Haute Beauty Guide

Instagram: instagram.com/hautebeautyguide


What adjectives would you use to describe your business?

Feminine, relaxing.


Tell us something about your business that others might not know.

We are a small business that started out as a hobby and slowly grew, over the past decade, to one that now sells in more than 10 states around the US (and counting)!


What makes your business unique?

We were one of the first lash extension studios in California. 


As a woman in business, what challenges have you faced?

As a woman and a woman in the beauty industry I'm constantly looked at like my business isn't real or doesn't matter. In the storms last month my neighbors building partially collapsed causing our building to be red tagged until they repaired their building. As I navigated the insurance and SBA/FEMA maze it maddened me that I was met with such condescending indifference. Like my business is fluff and somehow less important than the lawyer upstairs that also had to close. An insurance person even asked if I could just work out of my garage. I asked if he would ask a coffee shop that same question. 


Are there any women in business that you look up to?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Caroline Hirons, Pat McGrath


What advice would you give to women considering starting their own business?

Create a plan. Advanced business planning, marketing planning, and financial planning will help when you are frustrated or not feeling it. At times you are wearing a ton of hats and things can get hectic or overwhelming without direction. A plan is always a great tool to go back to for inspiration and direction.


Who has been your biggest source of inspiration?

My grandma. She really encouraged me in the early days to work hard and go for it. When I started my business she was a constant cheerleader.   


Thank you Doran!


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