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For Black History Month 2024, we shine a spotlight on some amazing Black-owned businesses in the Seller Community.
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Learn about the Seller Community Mentorship Program from one of our first mentors, Arline Trividic. She shares what she learned and how the program has become a support system for her and her mentee.
Celebrating the holidays alongside your customers can be a big boost for your business. Learn from Charlie Marshall, owner and chef of The Marshal, to see what he does and how it helps his restaurant grow.
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ChatGPT has been in the headlines since it was first launched in November 2022. In this article we chat with John Alexander, owner of JT Pets, to learn how he uses AI technology to improve his pet supply business.
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Square 50 was created to highlight and honor everyone behind the scenes making the retail, food and beverage, and service magic happen. Here, three honorees share the impact of Square 50, tips for other business owners, and their plans for 2024.
The season of giving has arrived! Use the Seller Community Gift Guide to discover unique gifts and inspiration from the makers, creators and sellers of the Square Seller Community. 
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Learn about Dina Rosenburg who runs Amityville Apothecary in Long Island, New York. Opened in 2018, Amityville Apothecary provides "remedies for mind, body and soul." Dina shares how their retail business has grown over the past 4 years and what makes this business unique.   
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Bonnie Plottner saw a gap in the market for an artisanal ice cream store in her town, and opened her business in 2022. Learn about how Bonnie has grown the business, how she collaborates with other local food businesses, and how she supports her local community. 
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Small Business Month continues in the Seller Community! We're featuring just some of the great sellers, and Super Sellers, who make this Community a very special corner of the internet.   In this Spotlight we meet Emily and Andrea who run Lovewell Tea & Coffee in Ventura, California. They share some of the challenges of running a business and how they connect to their local community.