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We are recruiting mentees for the Seller Community Mentorship Program 2024! If you are accepted into the program you will receive one-on-one support from experienced business leaders. Learn about the perks of being part of the program, and how to apply.
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with American Express to launch a one-stop shop for complimentary signage and supplies specifically curated for U.S. Square sellers – all at no cost to you. 
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Square 50 was created to highlight and honor everyone behind the scenes making the retail, food and beverage, and service magic happen. Here, three honorees share the impact of Square 50, tips for other business owners, and their plans for 2024.
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Join the festive fun during the Seller Community's Season of Giving. Promote your products or complete your Christmas shopping with the Community Gift Guide, read up on tips for a stress-free holiday season - and don't miss our special event celebrating everyone who makes the Seller Community a wonderful space!
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In this article we share the details of the program, the application form and the perks of being part of the Seller Community's first Mentorship program! Mentees accepted into the program will receive one-on-one support from experienced business leaders.
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Learn about the new Seller Community Mentorship Program, designed to connect experienced entrepreneurs and business owners with business owners who are just starting out. Learn how to apply.
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As part of the Seller Community's Small Business Month, I'm ecstatic to share the story behind the new Square Readers Book Club and hopefully provide some inspiration and motivation for sellers to get involved!
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Small Business Month is a celebration of the thousands of business owners, from across the world, who make the Seller Community possible. Throughout the month of May there will be a variety of Community events and ways to get involved, here are a few highlights!
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Block Celebrates Square Women in Business, an online event, will feature three exceptional women business owners who have charted their own paths to success.